Why Have a Wet Room?

1st Sep, 2023 | Bathrooms, Cloakroom, Wet Rooms

Here at Warner’s, we specialise in designing and creating wet rooms. The possibilities and options for a wet room are countless and there are many benefits to choosing a wet room over a bathroom for example.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a shower room where the entire room, including the shower area, is designed to be waterproof and open plan. It is all at one level, which makes the room flow seamlessly, easy to access and visually appealing.

Are wet rooms a good idea?

Although there are many benefits to having a wet room, you may find yourself asking ‘why have a wet room?’. The connotations attached to a wet room may be that they are used for medical facilities, however as the video below explains, we believe they are superior to a shower enclosure for your everyday showering needs.

The walls and floor of a wet room are tanked in the same material used in swimming pools, meaning they are fully waterproof. If your grout very failed, any potential water ingress would seep back through the jobs and down to your grain. This eliminates the need for a standard enclosure and reduces the risk of leaks coming through your wall or ceiling.

As there is no need for an enclosure, there is the option to have a screen installed to prevent excessive splashing. However, as it is a wet room, a screen is not essential. With no glass doors, this also means that there are less areas for dirt and grime to build up. Wet rooms are in general easier to clean.

A great addition to the wet room is underfloor heating, really adding to your showering experience. It is an alternative way of heating the room and ensures the atmosphere is also cosy whilst you are using it. Another bonus is that it will help the floor dry quicker.

Can wet rooms be modern?

They can be as modern as you’d like. With a wide range of tiles to choose from, small format and large format with a variety of textures, patterns, and finishes. Our furniture ranges from fitted and completely customised to modular, wall hung and with different design features like hairpin legs. Popular brassware choices are matt black, brushed nickel or brass to bring in a classic or more contemporary feel. Wet rooms can also be minimalistic. If you opt for underfloor heating, there is no need for a towel rail in some instances. Some furniture choices optimise the space for storage, or your furniture can be small and compact.

There are also many accessories and design features you can easily add to your wet room, such as LED mirrors, concealed shower valves and wall hung toilets. Wet rooms are a blank canvas for customisation.

Can I have a bath in my wet room?

Of course. That’s not a problem if you still want a bath in your wet room. There is still the option for a long soak or for your children to bathe. You can still enjoy the experience of a wet room shower and have a bath installed. You can even go for a freestanding bath to add to that luxurious feel. Many of our customers have opted for a bath in their wet room too.

Warner's Innovations Wet Room
How do I know if a wet room would work in my space?

This is the beauty of having CAD (computer aided design) software, we can create the space incorporating all your desired products, which allows you to visualise the space before any works were to take place. This also gives you the opportunity to make changes if something is not what you expected.


Warner's Innovations Design
Are there any downsides to a wet room?

Only that you’ll never want to use a normal bathroom again. The modern appeal of a wet room can also boost your property’s value, making it a great investment as well as elevating your showering experience.

One of our favourite comments by a client is “This has completely changed my showering experience and life, I could never go back to a shower enclosure again”.

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