What is a PVD finish on brassware?

1st Nov, 2022 | Bathrooms

What are the benefits of PVD coated Taps?

Why is PVD coating on your taps and brassware a smart choice? Choosing high quality finishes for products that are going in your bathroom is an important part of creating the best results for your project. They will add to the life and wearability of these items that are used every day, several times a day and you know it is a product that will still hold up to the same great standard in years to come.

What is PVD Coating?

PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. It is a vacuum deposition method wherein particles of material are distributed one atom at a time onto the substrate material within the chamber, creating an even and light film of metal. It is highly adherent and creates a finish that is very durable. This step can then be repeated multiple times if needed. This creates an incredibly hard-wearing and reliable finish that is resistant to tarnishing and general wear. It is also incredibly resistant to moisture.

This method can also be used with a variety of metals and colours, meaning that we have a nice selection of different finishes and colours that you can choose from. The resulting colour that is created from PVD coating is superior and clean looking.

What are the benefits of PVD coating on brassware?

PVD coated brassware has many benefits, as we can explore:

High Quality: The effect of the PVD coating creates taps that are of the highest quality. It is important to choose high quality when considering projects like your bathroom as these are areas that see a lot of use and you want products that are going to last and not only look good.

Durability: PVD ensures improved adhesion of the particles, allowing for a coating that doesn’t peel, bubble or wear away easily.  The result is a product that is long lasting and will not age quickly. This is supported by a 12-year guarantee.

Aesthetics: As a vacuum chamber is used to vaporise the solid metal, it is then distributed in an even layer. This manufacturing process provides an even and consistent finish that also looks great. The enhanced colour adds a special touch to the finished product.

Environmentally Friendly: The process of PVD is environmentally friendly as it leaves behind no harsh chemicals that need to be disposed of, making it a sustainable process in the finishing of these products.

Why choose PVD coated Taps?

PVD coating is used in many industries as it is known for its durability and high quality. It requires no clear topcoat that can be subject to fading or wearing. Essentially, the coating stays on the product for a lot longer than other methods. PVD coated taps are highly resistant to scratching, tarnishing and corrosion which have an added value as well as the lovely design feature they can create. Due to the nature of a bathroom being a high-moisture area, PVD is a perfect solution to the problems this could potentially cause.

At Warner’s, we have a range of designs and styles in these types of taps and brassware, giving the opportunity for you to accent your project with a product that is not just the best of its kind but one that is aesthetically pleasing also. Our taps have a luxurious feel to them and at the same time allow you to explore your individual taste with different styles we offer, whether you are seeking a traditional or modern look for example.

Why buy your taps and other brassware with us?

The PVD Coated taps we offer come in the following finishes: brass, brushed nickel, and gunmetal grey, and are made from grade A brass. Our brassware provider is the winner of the best shower brand 2021 in the BKU Awards and are supplied only through independent showrooms, meaning they are not available to buy online. They are a sustainable brand with many initiatives to improve their carbon footprint.

What are the alternatives?

Taps can also come in electroplated, and powder coated finishes. Most of our chrome taps are electroplated, which is highly resistant to water and corrosion. As the substrate is brass with a brass cartridge, the tap is high quality.

Our brassware, including taps, showers and accessories come with a 12-year guarantee. Most come with water-saving aerators, with the possibility of saving up to 5 litres of water per minute. The aerators are made from plastic which prevents limescale build-up and give a smoother flow of water. The aerators can also be retrofitted. The cartridges in the taps are also made from brass; using the best quality materials is important to the quality of the overall product and not just the components. As well as interesting, sleek, and stylish designs, we offer these styles in a range of coloured finishes to suit your design needs. We have adding contemporary and on trend options. These different finishes also provide the opportunity for you to mix and match to your brassware within ranges, creating choices for an alternative look.

Important information to note about our brassware

The products we provide will work with both high-pressure and low-pressure systems.

We don’t recommend using any abrasive sponges or scouring agents for cleaning PVD coated brassware. Or cleaning products that contain abrasives such as acid, limescale removers, vinegar or other cleaning agents containing acetic acid.

We also offer delivery direct to you if convenient.

Not every range comes in every single finish, please be aware and ask about specific styles. PVD coating does not apply to any matte black finish.

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