Warner’s Wet Room Services

An innovated alternative to the traditional shower or bathroom, the wet room is fast becoming a popular renovation in homes.

A wet room is essentially a walk in shower, which is a sealed (water tight) bathroom or area of a bathroom creating the ultimate shower experience.  The addition of an elegant screen can prevent unwanted splashes.

Why choose a wet room?

  • Bespoke design
  • Greater floor space
  • Easily accessible – No step into a bath or shower
  • Low maintenance – Easier to clean
  • Completely waterproof – Minimising the risk of leaks
  • Adds value to your property

Whether you have a large area or minimal space, a wet room is versatile; Warner’s Innovations of Newark, Nottinghamshire also covering Lincolnshire can deftly convert your bathroom into a contemporary, stylish living space.  For all enquiries on design – CAD (Computer Aided Designs), estimates and installations of wet rooms and bathrooms please contact us.

You can bring the hotel showering experience to your everyday life with a wet room.  Please click here for further information.