We Climbed A Mountain!

1st Oct, 2022 | Team Events

At Warner’s Innovations we know the importance of working together as a team and challenging ourselves. Teamwork (one of our core values) allows us to provide our customers with a customer journey and renovation project which they remember for all the right reasons – being exciting and running smoothly from beginning to end, rather than being stressful and unorganised.

We think it is important to challenge yourself to ensure you are always learning new things and you often find you can do much more than you think. We thought what would be a better challenge than climbing a mountain and we are giving you an insight into our experience.

Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales at 1085 meters, so we thought this would be the perfect choice! As we are all relatively spread out around Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and our showroom is open 6 days a week, completing this in a day sounded like a challenge, however a challenge does not phase us, so we did it and here’s how we got on.

We believe planning and project, or experience is of the upmost importance so having an itinerary planned out prior was crucial. This allowed us to work to a fine timeline which we are used to with our renovation projects. With this in mind we knew that we had to have a relatively earlier start meeting at 6.00am at the showroom where we would start our 3.5-4 hour drive.

06:00 – Meet at the showroom
06:05-06:10 – Leave showroom
09:15-09:30 – Park and make our way to the path
09:45-13:00 – Climb Mount Snowdon / reach the summit
13:00-14:00 – Lunch
14:00-17:00 – Descend Mount Snowdon
20:00-21:00 – Arrive back at the showroom car park

Luckily, the forecast was sunny and about 20 degrees which was perfect weather for the climb, not too sunny that we would get burnt or too dehydrated, and not raining which is only what anyone would wish for such a trip! We know this only too well when we had to rearrange this trip due to poor weather conditions back in June, the safety of our team is always priority.

The early start was dark, however with our hot coffees and morning croissants, we soon saw the sunrise and felt more excited the closer we got.

We parked up around 9.30am and realised it was going to be busy. We took the Llanberis Path which is said to be the most popular path and is estimated to take 3-3.5 hours to reach the summit. Finding the path was our first challenge, it was very busy, not very well signposted and the path is a little further up the road, not where you would necessarily expect. Compared to lots of walkers, we didn’t necessarily look like we did this often and after some directions off a passer by we found the way to go. We began our climb, and I must say, if you are thinking of doing a Snowdon climb, don’t let the first 20 minutes put you off. It was very steep, and we did begin thinking ‘have we bitten off more than we can chew?’. However not to be discouraged or defeated, we arrived at the first gate. The mountainous terrain began to level out and it seemed a little more manageable – thank goodness!

The views from every angle were breath-taking so you can always find a lovely place to stop and have a drink, there will always be a beautiful view! There is also a small café/drink stop about halfway up which is very popular, however there are no toilets, so be aware of this, we had to find this out the hard way!

The terrain was varied, and some stretches were harder than others but with the help of one of our teams smart watches, we could see when we had walked a mile. We therefore had a quick water break and foot rest every mile or so which was good thing to aim for to keep yourself going. We kept to good time and made really good progress.

When approaching the top, we knew we were getting close as we saw that a queue had formed. Having decided that we had walked all that way, we were going to queue and make sure we had truly reached the top! This did take 40 minutes but it was worth it and we managed to reach the summit about 1.30pm, just in time for lunch.

We had a nice break for lunch to recover from the climb and prepare ourselves for the descent. The walk down was a lot easier and a lot less breaks were needed. Once we got chatting we just seemed to put one foot in front of the other and we seemed to reach the half way café in no time where we treated ourselves to a much needed ice cream!

Back on our feet again we were beginning to feel the days toll but the feeling that we had reached the summit and were almost back to a comfortable car kept us going. We reached the first gate and remembered being there hours and hours ago and then remembered the initial steep incline. It was easier on the way down, but our feet had done so many steps since being there the first time! Our legs and knees were really feeling it, however we got back down to the bottom safe and sound and on time with our schedule. After stopping for a much needed toilet break, sit down and popping into a souvenir shop for a fridge magnet to remember the day, we were back on the road.

Despite it being a bank holiday and feeling like everyone from around a 100 mile radius had come to climb Snowdon that day, the traffic on the way home wasn’t too bad and we made it back to the showroom for just after 9.00pm.

What a day! All the way to Wales, climbing a mountain and all the way home again. We even managed to beat the estimated time it would take. They estimate 6 hours for both the ascent and descent, we managed it around 4.5 hours! After 27,000 steps it was lucky we had a bank holiday to recover!

If you are wanting to plan a trip and climb Mount Snowdon, here are a few things we would recommend you pack:

Appropriate and comfortable footwear – it is a long walk on multiple terrains such as concrete, stones and mud. Make sure you have something that will do the job.

Water – it is very important to keep hydrated.

Snacks/Lunch – Keeping your sugar levels up is key when doing this amount of exercise.

Waterproof Clothing – Check the weather before you go and if it looks like rain may be a possibility then be sure to pack a raincoat!

An extra layer – Even if you go on a warm day, when you sit to rest and at the top it can be quite windy so take a fleece to make sure you stay warm.

First Aid Kit – It is good to be prepared, whether it be blister plasters and antiseptic wipes are always good to have to hand.

Camera – As mentioned the views are amazing so make sure you take a camera to capture it all.

Binoculars – This is something we took and when you get to the top you can see for miles!