Warner’s Win in Customer Care at the Newark Business Awards

1st Jul, 2023 | Customer Journey, Quality, Team Events
Winning in the category of Customer Care at the Newark Business Awards

Firstly, we are thrilled to announce we are the winners of the Customer Care Award at the Newark Business Awards.

The Newark Business Awards are a great platform acknowledging the hard work and accomplishments of businesses operating in Newark. Hosted this year by Motorfinity, the Gala evening brings together local enterprises, entrepreneurs, and professionals to celebrate excellence. These awards have become a well-known accolade amongst the local community, and we are proud to say we are now a part of this achievement.

The awards are organised by the Newark Advertiser and after months of preparation from them, the awards culminated in the gala dinner on a balmy evening at the beginning of June. Each category had 20 entrants, which a panel of judges whittled down to 4 finalists. That being so, on the night we were delighted when it was announced that we had won the award for outstanding customer care!

The event itself was a lovely evening, and therefore an opportunity to get to know other local businesses in the area. We were also able to see these businesses being showcased and acknowledged for their hard work too.

Why is customer care important to us?

We believe that at the heart of every successful business lies a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Delivering exceptional customer care is part of our core values.

We firmly believe that creating strong relationships with our clients is essential to achieving long-term success. Our approach revolves around understanding and meeting the unique needs of each individual customer. By actively listening and empathizing, we ensure that we provide personalized solutions that address their needs as well as creating a project they will love for a long time.

Exceeding customer expectations is a fundamental principle we embrace. We aim to surprise and delight our customers by consistently going above and beyond their initial requirements. Whether it’s providing additional resources, offering extended support, or suggesting innovative solutions, we constantly seek opportunities to exceed expectations.

Timely and effective communication is another vital aspect of our customer care. We recognize the importance of clear and efficient communication. We like to maintain transparency, promptly respond to inquiries, and provide regular updates to keep our customers well-informed of the progress and project management.


Celebrating Our Team

Winning the Customer Care Award is a testament to the incredible efforts of our dedicated team. Their unwavering commitment, passion, and professionalism have been instrumental in achieving this recognition. We would like to therefore extend our heartfelt gratitude to each team member for their invaluable contributions.

Why choose Warners Innovations?

Continuous innovation is ingrained in our approach. As a result, we understand that customer needs evolve, and we are committed to adapting our services to meet these changing requirements. Through ongoing feedback from our customers, we continuously refine our processes, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality customer care.

Customers are one of the most important parts of our business, and this has now been showcased with this award and we look forward to continuing to provide stellar customer care to our current and new customers. We go to lengths to offer the best service and use the best products alongside the service we offer.

What’s next for us?

Receiving the Customer Care Award at the Newark Business Awards has above all invigorated our drive to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are inspired to continue surpassing expectations, continually improving our processes, and therefore exploring innovative ways to enhance customer experiences.

And lastly, a warm thank you to our customers who have helped us get here.

Read more about the evening and other winners here: https://www.newarkadvertiser.co.uk/news/revealed-the-winners-of-newark-business-awards-2023-9316521/

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