Visiting The Showroom

1st Jul, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, En Suite, Interior Design, Plumbing, Quality, Wet Rooms

If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that most things can be done online now. From remote working with Zoom calls to grocery deliveries, there are far fewer reasons to venture past our own front door these days.

However, for some things, there is still no substitute for being able to see products in person. That is the huge advantage to visiting a shop or a showroom; the ability to see, touch and get a real feel for something. Measurements on a screen are one thing, but can you tell if you would really have enough room to stretch out in that bath? Or how much room you will have in that new shower once you factor in the angle of the shower head? You love how those tiles look on screen, but what texture do they have and what will they feel like under your feet? How easy will they be to clean? Does that mirror have enough storage? Do the colours of the vanity and side unit you like really go together, or are the on-screen images playing tricks on your eyes? There is so much that you can really only tell by seeing something in person, feeling it and getting a real sense for the quality and visual aesthetic.

Showroom staff are trained and highly skilled at making recommendations for your room. They can also help you design a total renovation of your existing room and sitting down with them in person to discuss your goals is a much easier process in person. You can discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and use the items on display as examples of what you’re looking for. Seeing these designs come to life can be a real eye-opener in your journey towards a new bathroom. They may even be able to provide suggestions for something you haven’t even thought possible.

So, though we live in an ever-increasing virtual world, there are still huge advantages to taking the time to go see things in person. Who knows? You may be inspired by all the choice in your pursuit of your new dream room.