Team Building at Warner’s: An Escape Room Adventure

1st Jan, 2024 | Team Events

When it comes to team building, collaboration and problem-solving are part of the keys to success. An escape room offers a unique and exciting way for any team of people to come together.

Breaking free from the typical office setting, an outing to an escape room can unlock hidden talents, strengthen communication, and create lasting memories. In this blog, we’ll explore the thrill and benefits of our recent team outing to an escape room.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a physical game where the participants are ‘locked’ in a room and must find the way out. By using their wits, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, the participants must decipher clues and solves puzzles to escape within a time limit. In this case it was one hour.

It is an immersive and interactive experience that challenges individuals and the team to think outside the box.

Where was it?

It was at Deliverance Escape Rooms, Lincoln. This escape room was called ‘The Assassins Hideaway’. We won’t give details of the room in case you want to join in the challenge, but the story line included helping to track down the Assassin for the case.

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Why escape rooms are good for team building:

Collaborative Problem-Solving:

Escape rooms require collaboration, as team members pool their strengths and skills to solve a series of challenges. This collaborative problem-solving mirrors work scenarios and builds a sense of unity and shared achievement.

Communication Enhancement:

Effective communication is the key to success in these rooms. You quickly learn the importance of clear and concise communication and you work against the clock. In this instance, this communication skillset can also be transferred to the workplace.

Stress Testing Under Pressure:

The time constraints and immersive nature of escape rooms create a pressure-cooker environment. This pressure simulates the stress of deadlines and high-stakes projects, providing valuable insights into how the team operates under pressure.

Identifying Leadership Qualities:

Escape rooms often reveal hidden leadership qualities within team members. Sometimes someone takes charge naturally or steps up when needed. Most importantly, these qualities can be recognized and utilized in the workplace for improved team dynamics.

On the day:

Firstly, our team of professionals eagerly gathered outside the entrance of the facility. The excitement and anticipation were palpable as they were briefed on the rules and given the scenario for their escape mission.

As our team entered the room, we were transported to another world—a world filled with mysterious clues, hidden compartments, and puzzles waiting to be solved. The team quickly realised that success depended on their ability to work together.

Laughter, shouts of excitement, and a palpable sense of camaraderie filled the room as the team deciphered codes, uncovered hidden passages, and unlocked the mysteries within. The clock ticked down, but the team’s determination and collaboration prevailed, leading to a triumphant escape just in the nick of time.

A team outing to an escape room isn’t just a fun experience; it’s a strategic place for team building. Therefore, the escape room setting provides a microcosm of the workplace, allowing the team to discover and refine their collaborative strengths. Our team emerged victorious. Above all, the shared sense of achievement paired with the skills gained in the escape room become valuable assets in the ongoing journey toward team success. In the end, we finished with just a few minutes to spare.

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