Wetroom with Neutral Tones and Graphite Gloss Furniture

Our client approached us with a vision of transforming their outdated bathroom into a practical wet room that perfectly aligns with their style and functional requirements including fitted furniture.

They were eager to optimize the available space, which was currently occupied by a cupboard and a traditional bathtub. Addressing the needs of an individual who requires easy accessibility, we designed a step-free wet room, accompanied by strategically placed grab rails to ensure utmost practicality.


(Project Completed 2023)


Montrose Edge in Gloss Graphite Fitted Furniture


Bristan Joy Electrical Shower


Aqualla Linea Basin Mono in Chrome


Aqualla Luca Flat Heated Towel Rail in Chrome


Grespania Lyon Gris Natural


Origins Living Grab Rails


Design features:

Our primary focus while designing and installing this wet room was to create a spacious and easily accessible area. By eliminating the bathtub and cupboard, we opened up the room, providing ample space for a delightful shower experience. Fitted furniture was installed to enhance storage options, while the absence of the bathtub offered a clutter-free shower room.

The gloss vanity basin unit, securely mounted on the wall, allows for easy cleaning as the entire floor remains at the same level. To accentuate the visual appeal, we opted for a striking contrast between neutral yet warm tiles and darker-coloured furniture, creating a captivating ambiance. The gloss finish not only adds to the visual allure but also simplifies the cleaning process.

Elevating the luxurious vibe of the space, we incorporated a mirror cabinet above the basin, complete with LED lighting, perfect for your daily routines. Additionally, we introduced a radiator with an ‘Aromawell’ feature, which not only provides warmth but also fills the air with delightful scents through essential oils, truly encapsulating the essence of a serene hotel-like experience.





Warner's Innovations Design
Warner's Innovations Design

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