Wetroom with Feature Wall and Indigo Blue Fitted Furniture

One of our customers came to us wanting to renovate their en-suite to give it a new and fresh look and turn the room into a space to enjoy for years to come. 

They wanted to remove the bath, as this was rarely used, and create a statement through a double vanity unit and walk in shower area, giving a ‘Skyfall’ feel.

(Project Completed 2023)

Fitted Furniture:
Montrose Doorline Low Basin Units Space Saver Depth
Doors: Heritage in Blue Indigo
Worktop: Blue Indigo
Handle: Square Concave 

Aqualla Luca Range

Aqualla Luca Range

Aqualla Slim Round

Walls and Floor: Saloni Move Marfil
Feature Wall: Saloni Move Shake Marfil


Design features:

By incorporating a wet room shower area, it allows the entirety of the en suite to be at one level making it both futureproof and seamless
allowing the room to feel bigger and more open. The use of a minimal shower screen ensures the water is kept within the wet area and the simple glass
panel adds the illusion of a bigger space as there is no frame to break up the lines. 

Having the addition of an alcove adds a beautiful feature and allows what you need to be close at hand when showering. Underfloor heating is the perfect solution to bringing warmth throughout your space including in the shower area so it can be warm underfoot adding to that luxurious feel and showering experience. 

The double vanity adds a beautiful statement, both through the sit on basins and its deep shade. The feature wall is a beautiful focal point and the vanity unit adds a bold but complimentary contrast and adds a warm and welcoming feel to the space. The size of the unit also incorporates ample storage, with the added benefit of a laundry basket in the centre of it. Due to all necessary storage being incorporated in this lovely unit, the en suite remains minimal and uncluttered for daily use.

Montrose specialise in bathroom furniture and also provide a lifetime guarantee, so we can be sure of the quality which will last for years to come. It is designed to really make the most of the space available, maximising every part of the room with clever storage solutions.