Walk In Shower Room with Double Vanity

When renovating any space in your home to give it an update and refresh, you are able to create a space which works best for you and your day to day life. Our customer came to us for a more practical solution for their space but one which still featured ample storage. Due to being North facing, they also wanted to incorporate a way of ensuring the room was well heated.


(Project Completed 2021)

Dansani Double Vanity in Ash Grey, Karat Basin and Aqualla Fuse Basin Mixers.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower with Rainfall Head and Handset.

HiB Vega Mirror 1200

Eastbrook Addington Radiator Matt Anthracite with Anthracite Towel Hangers

Walls: Saloni Gard Ceniza and Gard Treves Grafito, Floor: Saloni Gard Grafito.


Design features:

When designing for a room with perhaps less sunlight than others, whether this is due to a lack of windows or if it is North facing, using paler tiles is a great way to brighten the space. The use of a large mirror also allows the light to bounce around the space creating the illusion of a brighter space. A feature wall in the shower area then incorporates pattern and is a good way to break up block colour.

Under Floor Heating is the perfect solution for heating your space underfoot for a more welcoming warmth. Warmup is the worlds beast selling floor heating brand and their lifetime guarantee ensures your space will have a gorgeous warmth for years to come.

When on a gravity system, your water pressure tends to be limited. There are ways you can go about this, but it means you do have to take note and make sure you have brassware with a suitable bar pressure. The Aqualisa Classic Quartz digital shower has a pump built in which ensures your shower at the beginning and end of each day is blissful. You can also have separate controls placed at the entrance of your shower so that you can turn on the shower without getting wet, when the controls then stop flashing you know that your shower is at the perfect temperature, ready to be enjoyed.

A double vanity provides ample storage and the his and hers basin adds a lovely extra touch of luxury. The finish of the vanity is a beautiful wood effect finish which adds a natural touch to the space and a more organic feel with a softer touch to break up solid colour elsewhere.