Statement Wet Room with Wall Hung Furniture

Our customer wanted a wet room to add a touch of luxury to this space, making it a place you could relax in and have a rejuvenating shower at the start and end of each day. They wanted the space to feel big and open, yet minimal and modern.


(Project Completed 2020)

Dansani Wall Hung Vanity in Grey Matt with two drawers, Karat Basin, Chrome bar handles and the Bagno Zephyr Chrome Basin Mixer.

Bagno Design Metreaux Back Lit Mirror.

Bagno Design Chrome Zephyr Concealed Shower with 2 Outlet Valve.

Eastbrook Matt Anthracite Aluminium Heated Towel Rail with Chrome Towel Hanger.

Bagno Design Zephyr Wall Hung Pan and Soft Close Seat.

Walls and Floor: Grespania Lyon in Galena.


Design features:

Tiles which include a slight variation in tone and colour are a beautiful way to add a more natural feel into your space. By using the same tiles on both the walls and the floor adds to the minimal aesthetic and helps keep your space streamline, also make the space feel bigger. Another way to add to the illusion of having more space is to feature wall hung furniture and sanitary ware. In this design, a wall hung vanity and WC were incorporated which allow the floor to be opened up across the rooms expanse and ensure easy cleaning too.

Wet Rooms are the perfect solution for any space, they make it both simple and futureproof without compromising on design. There is no step in to the shower as the tray is installed level with your floor and you don’t need to worry about leaks as the wet area is full tanked using the same materials that are used in swimming pools which ensure its waterproof qualities are maximised.

A Wet Room tends to often be walk in as opposed to an enclosure to better achieve the minimalistic look and feel, however if you want to have the perfect balance between an open space and a large shower area, you can always include a flipper panel. This is a small panel which swivels, usually 180 degrees to act as an extension to the screen when in the shower, it can then be tucked into the shower area to open up the room when the shower is not in use.

The positioning of each element within a space is so important, for both practicality and safety. When combining water and electrics in a space, you must check the suitability and distance between components to check they are safe, whether this is a radiator, heated rail or extractor. Here, the towel rail has been placed alongside the shower entry, perfect for having that warm towel ready when hopping out the shower but it is also easily to hand in relation to the vanity. See our blog for more details on zoning within bathrooms.