Open Vented System Converted to Combination Boiler

(Project Completed 2023)

Our client purchased a new property which had an open vented system. We discussed the possibility of an unvented cylinder or a combi boiler dependant on their lifestyle and needs. They decided to go with a combi boiler and we recommended the Ideal Logic Max 2 which met their criteria.

The boiler needed to be relocated from the airing cupboard to the loft as they were renovating the bathroom and wanted to maximise space and storage. Under gas regulations the access to the boiler requires loft ladders, a safe place to access the boiler and lighting which we also installed as part of the project.

As a company if we are undertaking works, we have strong beliefs in doing them to the best of our ability, along with being in line with regulations.

Due to the demands of a combi boiler we had to install a new gas pipe run from the meter to the loft space. We also installed a vertical flue completing the necessary roof works. Here are some of the items we installed on the boiler to give the clients system maximum efficiency and preserve the parts.

Electrolytic filter:

This helps break down the irons in the water.

Hotun tundish combined with condense:

We like to incorporate a hotun to allow the client to check for any expansion issues. You usually find the PRV (Pressure relief valve) externally on the property, however in these cases you tend to not monitor if this is leaking.

Magnetic filter:

Usually located on the return pipe to help protect the boiler and the system from any possible magnetite build-up created through poor water quality.  Having one installed allows for an easy check for water quality on your annual service.

Halo digital smart thermostat:

This smart thermostat is an ideal addition to the boiler. As it does not require wiring, it can be installed easily and helps make sure that your boiler is boiler plus compliant.

Mini shock arrestor:

This prevents water hammer and damage to the internal boiler parts.


Check out our YOUTUBE video about this install.

We recommend servicing your boiler annually. Here is a link about the types of services we offer: https://warnersinnovations.co.uk/how-often-should-i-have-my-boiler-and-heating-system-serviced/

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Warner's Innovations Boiler Install
Warner's Innovations Boiler Install
Warner's Innovations Boiler Install