Ideal Logic2 Max Boiler Installation

(Project Completed 2022)

A customer of ours contacted us to advise they had heating but no hot water from their Worcester Greenstar, and no fault code was showing.

After a series of tests we proved the heat exchanger was the problem.

We contacted Worcester technical for peace of mind, of any further checks we could or should do. They advised the boiler would be beyond economical repair and advised we recommend a replacement to the client.

After giving the system a cleanse, we drained down and got the new boiler on the wall. This was the Ideal Logic 2 Max which has only recently been brought to market. While we personally didn’t think there was much wrong with the original Logic Max for the price, it seems there had been a few modifications like relocating the PRV and condense, updating the LCD interface and settings and making the front panel more aesthetically pleasing.

Look out for our upcoming blog post for more in-depth information on the tests we took and the tell-tale signs that a boiler is not being looked after.

Here is a link to the blog post we created about this project: https://warnersinnovations.co.uk/worcester-greenstar-e9-fault-diagnostics-and-ideal-logic2-max-installation/ 

We recommend servicing your boiler annually. Here is a link about the types of services we offer: https://warnersinnovations.co.uk/how-often-should-i-have-my-boiler-and-heating-system-serviced/

Here is a link to the blog about cleansing your system with MagnaCleanse: https://warnersinnovations.co.uk/how-to-combat-rising-gas-prices/

See below where we have documented the journey of this installation: