Grey Wet Room with Contrasting Charcoal Blue Furniture

Our customer wanted a wet room to open out his space, however didn’t want to have the overall space feeling monochrome or cold. Introducing colour is something many people are wary of, however you can add colour in more neutral ways, it doesn’t always have to be bold and bright. A dark charcoal like blue is a beautiful way to add colour but subtly.


(Project Completed 2020)

Saneux Hyde Floor Standing Vanity in Matt Fiord with two doors, Chrome bar handles and the Bagno Koy Chrome Basin Mixer.

Mirror Cabinet:
Dansani Panorama Cabinet with custom coloured side panels.

Aqualisa Midas Bar Shower with Slide Rail.

Reina Chrome Curved Towel Rail.

Walls and Floor: Grespania Lyon in Galena.


Design features:

Having the same tiles on both the walls and the floor helps keep your space streamline and can make it look bigger, just the edges being picked up by chrome trim which ties in with the chrome brassware, featured throughout. The tile onto grate in the shower also adds to this minimal appearance. Using grey is very popular but using a tile which has a slight pattern and texture to it helps bring variation to the space, ensuring it doesn’t look flat or bland. A tile with a natural finish has slightly more texture to it meaning it is good for use on floors, especially in wet areas due to its slightly added grip compared to more polished tiles.

Having a walk-in shower across the width of the room makes a beautiful statement and gives that feeling of space and simplicity. Using contrasting furniture and storage is a lovely way of adding colour and breaking up the tiles, especially as the tiles almost blend from one to the other. Colour can be added in more neutral ways but it is a great way of adding warmth to what would otherwise be a monochrome space.

Another way to add a modern twist is to include an LED Mirror Cabinet, many of these also include shaver points so the minimal finish can be continued even to the finer details. The Dansani Panorama comes with shaver point, and LEDs where you can alter the brightness as well as switch from Warm White to Cool White depending on the mood you are in.