En Suite with Recessed Shower and Fitted Furniture

Bringing new life into a space which you have lived with for years can be so refreshing. Giving a space an update is one of the main reasons which causes people to want to make a change. In this project the layout stayed the same, but by making a few simple alterations, the space became a lot more practical and can now be loved again for years to come.


(Project Completed 2021)

Fitted Furniture:
Calypso Brecon Range in Slate Mist, Stainless Steel Bar handles, Gloss White Worktop, 600 Art Basin

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower with Rainfall Head and Handset
Doccia Piedra Shower Tray Blanco

Aqualla Emerge Two Door Mirror Cabinet

Reina Matera Radiator Chrome

Walls: Saloni Sunset Ceniza
Feature Wall Tiles in Shower Area: Saloni Sunset Arkan Ceniza
Floor: Colonia LVT Hampton Oak


Design features:

Keeping a space minimal and streamline can be even more important in smaller spaces to ensure each area can be easily used. Having a shower located in a recess keeps this tucked away, but by incorporating a tray which is low level allows the enclosure to feel less isolated. A simple hinged door then maximises the entrance space and by making it a right hand hinge means your towel is easy to grab after showering adding to the overall practicality.

When there is the absence of a window, they are many alternative ways of making the space feel bright and welcoming. Downlights in cool white echo the feel of natural light and you can also have an extractor placed in the shower area which includes lighting to make sure every corner is lit. Having LED’s in a mirror cabinet is another way to add lighting in a more subtle way.

Fitted furniture was used to help make the space more streamline and easier to clean but is also the perfect solution for concealing pipework and for providing ample storage. The gloss white worktop blends in beautifully with the basin and again helps brighten the space whilst also giving a simple contrast to the slightly darker furniture and tiles.

When fully tiling a bathroom, many have the fear that the room can be left feeling cold. A great way to add warmth is to inject elements of natural materials. In this project the wood effect flooring offers that beautiful natural texture and being LVT rather than porcelain or ceramic, it is a little warmer under foot too.

At the start of any project you need to decide what is most important and what you are trying to achieve, this therefore enables us to help you design the room you have in your mind and the one which best suits your day to day lifestyle and routines, both practically and aesthetically so it brings you happiness every time you enter.