Contemporary Wet Room with Reed Green Fitted Furniture

Our customer approached us with a vision to transform their bathroom into a modern and functional wet room. Together, we embarked on an exciting journey to design a contemporary space they would love and would last a lifetime.


(Project Completed 2023)


Montrose Edge Fitted Furniture in Reed Green


Aqualla Kyloe Minimal Concealed Shower in Black

Shower Screen:

Novellini Giada Clear Glass with Black Support


Aqualla Kyloe Single Lever Tap in Black


Aqualla Luca Flat Heated Towel Rail in Black


Saloni Sunset Gris, Ceniza, and Arkan


Aqualla Zest LED Mirror Class

Contemporary Design features:

We transformed the customer’s bathroom by removing the bath and creating a walk-in shower area with fitted furniture, maximizing the space available. The wet room concealed shower adds a contemporary touch, while the level floor creates a seamless and spacious ambiance.

The minimal shower screen chosen by the customer not only keeps water within the wet area but also adds an elegant touch. The convenience of both an overhead shower and diverter allows for a comfortable showering experience, while the concealed shower feature lets you warm up the water before stepping in.

Fitted furniture is a practical solution for maximizing storage space and keeping the room clutter-free, promoting a minimal aesthetic. The contrasting warm tones of the furniture perfectly complement the beautiful tiles. The addition of matching black brassware and fittings adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

The statement mirror above the basin is a luxurious addition that adds visual appeal and functionality. Its LED lighting ensures it is perfect for all your everyday routines. We thoroughly enjoyed this project from design to conception, as a team we know it’s a privilege to make our customers’ dreams a reality.

Warner's Innovations Design
Warner's Innovations Design

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Contemporary Wet Room
Contemporary Wet Room