Bathroom with Corner Bath & Feature Tiles

Our customer wanted to refresh their bathroom and make the space more practical by incorporating a wet room shower area. They had a relatively large space to work with and due to its shape wanted to keep each element in a similar position. They also wanted to brighten the room as the space only has a skylight towards the door.


(Project Completed 2022)

Montrose Curved Corner Vanity with recessed basin, Neostone worktop and Aqualla Vine Basin taps.

Bristan Joy Electric Shower Metallic Silver.

Adamsez Arc Corner Bath (left) with Aqualla Vine Bath taps.

Aqualla Airo Radiator with Chrome Hanging Rail.
Aqualla Luca Radiator Curved, Chrome with Electric Heating Element.

Walls: Saloni Gard Ceniza and Gard Bris Iris.
Floor: Saloni Gard Grafito.


Design features:

When trying to incorporate more light into a space with less sunlight than others, a pale tile is a great base to use. Using LED downlights throughout the space also allows the directional light to brighten each corner as opposed to a single pendant just bringing light to the centre. When working with a larger space, it is good to include pattern or texture to break up the otherwise block colour. In this project we used a complimentary feature tile around the centre and a mosaic in order to curve the corners on entry to the shower.

A corner bath is a lovely way to add statement and gives you that true luxurious soak. It adds curve to the space and here it is mirrored by the curved vanity in opposite corner, which again breaks up the straight lines and brings an element of softness.

A larger space does mean you requite more BTUs (British Thermal Units) in order to sufficiently heat the area. Under floor heating is a great way to do this, however you can also feature more than one radiator. By having these both by the entry to the shower and the bath means a towel is always close by. There is also the option of having an electric element in some radiators and this allows you to have your radiator on in the summer when your central heating tends to be switched off.

The shape of this space meant a wet room shower area was the perfect option for the corner. Keeping the space at one level adds the futureproof element meaning it can be enjoyed and loved for years to come. In order to make it feel less isolated the corners were curved and laden with mosaics making it more intriguing and also tying in beautifully with the curves used elsewhere.