A Month at Warners

Here is an overview of what we’ve been up to for the month:

Wet room completed: Another Wet Room ticked off the list! Seamless, step free and easy to maintain. Our customer projects are uploaded to our projects page, so check regularly for some wet room inspiration.

Wet room Completed: Our specialty is wet rooms, meaning we always have a wet room project on the go. Our customers come to us because they are confident we will deliver quality service every time. 

Boiler installation: Our Gas engineer is busy as always and this was another boiler for another month. We advise getting safety checks in the summer before any potential issues in the winter, which is when you really need it!

Boiler Service: We recommend getting your boiler serviced in the warmer months meaning if something fails, you are not in a sticky situation with your heating not working.

Shower cartridge replacement: If your shower temperature is fluctuating, this is a sign that your temperature cartridge may have failed or has limescale build up

Showroom displays updated: As trends change and new products are frequently released, we like to keep our showroom displays up to date. Keep your eye out for the blog that talks about our new tile ranges.

Bathroom renovation started: We appreciate that not every project needs to be a full renovation and sometimes our customers just need something updated or made new to make their bathing life easier.

Re-silicone shower areas: Over time, silicone does fail. We are on hand to complete any job, be it bigger or small and are always doing jobs of all sizes. 

Condensate pro insulation: The black insulation next to the rainwater downpipe has your condensate pipe within this. This prevents the pipe from freezing in extreme conditions, preventing a call out to fix your boiler. 

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