A Month at Warners

Here is an overview of what we’ve been up to for the month:

Wet room Completed: By far one of our most popular services is the design and installation of a wet room and it is not difficult to understand why; these are built to last a lifetime.

Our customer projects are uploaded to our projects page for more information and inspiration.

Wet room Started: Our strong point being wet rooms, every month we have at least one to start on. The possibilities and choices are so varied, we really help people to achieve their bathroom goals.

Downpipe Installation: Another part of our services which covers outdoor guttering.

Electric Underfloor heating: Another popular choice that frequently goes alongside wet rooms and tiling, this can be utilised as a primary heat source and just adds that extra luxury to your wet room experience. We use the worlds best selling underfloor heating brand for our projects.

Tiling Projects: With our expertise in hand, tiling is also a frequent job for us. It doesn’t have to be a part of a bathroom project as we do tiling for kitchens and living rooms too, with the option of underfloor heating being another popular choice.

Floor Preparation: To ensure the floor is level, preparation is an important step in the process. A properly primed floor will give the best end result.

Floor Insulation Boards: Installation of Insulation Boards for maximum efficiency and to lower your energy bills and emissions.

General plumbing & heating: Every aspect of heating and plumbing is covered, pipework, boilers and radiators included.

Plastering, Joinery and Electrical Works: We enjoy the variety that each project brings, and we offer a range of services to finish your project to a high standard.

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