A Month at Warners

Here is an overview of what we’ve been up to for the month:

Bathroom Completed:  Bathrooms and wet rooms are our main focus, though we can do most things construction related. We finished a couple of full projects for this month.

Our customer projects are uploaded to our projects page if you want to see an in depth overview of them.

Wet room installation: What we believe we do better than anyone else, the installation of a new wet room to really open up the client’s space. Wet rooms are the future of bathroom innovation, we really are changing the stigma of a hospital washroom with our modern designs.

MagnaCleanse: The benefits of a MagnaCleanse are that your radiators will heat up properly now the water going through your system is cleaned and filtered. We use a thermal imaging camera to identify magnetite build up in the radiators prior to the system cleanse, and then the transformation afterwards where the heat is distributed evenly. We also add an inhibitor to allow your heating system to have ongoing protection against oxidisation.

Electric Underfloor heating: These are great to take the chill off your feet, along with being a primary heat source if your space has had a heat loss calculation. As part of the installation process, its vital to perform a resistance test to ensure the floor heating element is functioning correctly during and after installation.

Tiling Projects: We also do tiling only projects as well as supply and installation of tiles as part of a bigger project. April was a month of tiling for several projects and the finished floor is only as good as what goes on beneath.

Floor Preparation: Preparation is key, and we know the importance of using the correct floor primer according to the different substrate for correct adhesion.

Floor Insulation Boards: Installation of Insulation Boards for maximum efficiency and to lower your energy bills and emissions.

General plumbing & heating: Every aspect of heating and plumbing is covered here.

Plastering, Joinery and Electrical Works: Our services are utilised throughout our projects with our team of experienced professionals.

At Warner’ Innovations we have our specialist team who can cover most aspects of the construction industry covering plumbing, heating, natural gas, joinery, electrical, plastering, general building and much more. If you would like the stress taken away from you trying to manage your project, let our team of professionals do this for you.

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