A Month at Warner’s:

Here is an overview of what we’ve been up to for the month:

Wet room Started: A lot of prep-work needed for an upcoming wetroom, including knock walls down and replacing the floor and laying down a damp-proof membrane.

Gas Boiler Servicing: Winter continues to be busy with gas boiler services.

Plastering: Plastering is an essential on a lot of jobs, this month being no exception.

Fitted Furniture Installed: Fitted furniture remains a popular choice going into the new year. It is so practical and the finish is always exceptional.

Magnacleanse: The benefits of a MagnaCleanse is that your radiators will now heat up properly now the water going through your system is cleaned and filtered.

Pump Replaced: We do the little jobs too, part replacements and part renovations.

Immersion Heater Replaced: Every aspect of heating and plumbing is covered here.

Tiling Completed: We also do tiling only projects as well as supply and installation of tiles as part of a bigger project.


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