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This winter has been another busy time for boiler safety checks, servicing and installations. When it is warm during the year, the last thing we think about is the boiler. But, the best time to get it checked is during the summer as you will always be able to get an appointment and it avoids problems in the winter when you are using your boiler the most. We are still available all year round for servicing.

Boiler Servicing: We have a few blogs up about boiler servicing, firstly, what is a boiler service?

Regular Servicing: You might want to know, how often you should service your boiler and gas appliances? It’s that time of year again. With the colder weather setting in, we also have appointments booked in for servicing. We offer full strip down servicing and also safety check for your boiler. As we are registered. we have engineers that can come and look at any boilers problems separately with a call out and diagnostic service being offered too.

Safety check or Service?: You might need a full service or just a safety check, read here to find out more.

A few things to remember:

  • Always clarify what type of service you need.
  • Specify whether it is a regular service or if you have any existing problems with the boiler.
  • Don’t wait until it is too late, get it serviced regularly to make sure it doesn’t break down in the middle of winter when you rely on it the most.

We cover all plumbing and heating services needed for full projects are covered such as plastering, electrics and joinery.

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A Month at Warner's
Boiler Servicing
Boiler Servicing