How do I measure my bathroom?

Although getting the correct measurements is crucial to ensuring that we can order the right products for your room, it is easier than you may think. The correct measurements ensure we order the correct number of tiles and the right sized products first time, minimising issues throughout the journey. These measurements are also needed for our design process, to input into our specialist design software to give you a visual image of what your dream room will look like. Most of our customers take these measurements on their own.

We have created this quick guide showing which measurements are needed to help you do this, however there is nothing to be worried about; our team of experts are always on hand to give guidance where needed, and we can complete a home survey before the start of your project, as well, if required. 

N.B. Make sure to allow for unusual shapes like sloping ceilings, boxing, etc., which may affect your measurements.

After you have taken your measurements, it would help to draw out your room on a piece of paper, noting where items are currently positioned, e.g., where the soil pipe goes. Do not worry, we are not here to judge your artwork!  For clarity be consistent in whichever unit of measure you use.

Click here to download a handy template for you to use when measuring your room.

Click here to download our template for you to use when measuring your room for tiling purposes. 

If you can tell us what kind of heating system you have (i.e., Combi Boiler, Unvented, Gravity etc.) then we will be able to work out what kind of shower and taps you will need, too. We have added diagrams and descriptions of each system at the bottom of this page to help you easily identify your system.

Click on any image to view it larger.

Take some photos and email them to us at: info@warnersinnovations.co.uk so we can get started.

The more photos and detail you can send the better, as these can help answer a lot of questions when designing.

In case you missed it above, you can also click here to download a handy template for you to use when measuring your room.