Supply & Install

1st Apr, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

So you’ve decided you want to upgrade or completely renovate your bathroom. What next?

Which styles will suit your home? What are the most efficient products on the market? What was the name of that thing you saw on that one programme that you liked …

Taking measurements, finding products, sourcing tiles, finding competitive prices, finalizing layouts, researching the grout, adhesive, silicone, etc. you’ll need, watching YouTube videos showing you how to install your new products, interviewing traders, co-ordinating deliveries, etc. The list is endless and enough to make even the most seasoned DIY-ers head swim!

You may find much better value in employing a one-stop-shop; a company who will work with you from start to finish. This means all aspects of your project will be handled by the same person, all co-ordination will be dealt with on your behalf, products will be automatically sourced at the best price, and the same people you created your design with will be the ones installing it, ensuring you see the completion of your project with the least possible amount of stress.

In addition to this, you will benefit from the combined years of knowledge and experience to be gained from a company that specialises in projects such as yours and who stays up to date with industry knowledge and best practice. No co-ordination between trades also means that there is less potential for the project to overrun and less people in your home.

How much do you know about grout, tile adhesives, silicone, basin wastes, etc.? Specialists will know a lot about these things! That leaves you with the peace of mind needed to sit back and enjoy your new bathroom with a minimal amount of stress or clean-up and to let the project add value instead of stress to your life.