Quality Products

1st Mar, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Quality, Wet Rooms

Anyone can claim to be the best. But what really separates the best companies from more mediocre and poor competitors?  The materials they use.

Of course, there’s a lot that more that goes into achieving the best results, including professional design and master installers. But without question, one thing a successful company must have is a 100% commitment to using high-quality products.

Some companies give in to the temptation to take shortcuts and save on costs by using inferior materials. In other cases, they unknowingly use lesser materials because they simply don’t have enough experience and knowledge to know what materials and manufacturers to avoid.

Whatever the reason, you don’t want to be the homeowner stuck with inferior materials.

Bathroom renovations always involve choice in materials for style, function, and quality. With some companies, you may have to be concerned if the materials you’re being offered are more about cutting the contractor’s costs than about achieving the best result and value for money for you.

Why is Quality Important?

A knowledgeable customer chooses well-made products to streamline and stabilize their busy life. Here are some reasons why paying a little more for a well-made product is often a very smart move.

Trust: Trust is the single most important factor in life, whether in a personal or working relationship. Most businesses won’t succeed if they can’t build customer trust and customers won’t trust a business if they don’t believe that they’re receiving good advice, workmanship and quality customer service. Countless customers are lost when brands fail to make deeper connections with prospective buyers. By contrast, when you gain the confidence and loyalty of consumers, you frequently have a customer for life. Ensuring high-quality products and services is one way to help customers appreciate and believe in what you have to offer and to build that trusting relationship where they know you will always do your best for them.

Satisfaction: Most people trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising when making a purchase decision. Providing high-quality products and materials are essential to this level of satisfaction; no one will recommend a company that provided a product that broke quickly or wasn’t fit for purpose.

Friends and family want to know if someone similar to them had a good experience with a product. The higher-quality product a company has to offer, the better chance they’ll give positive reviews and recommendations.

Good customer service, which is another aspect of high product quality, also leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Less Hassle: Marketing studies have proven again and again that companies that use high-quality products obtain more repeat business. This is because customers value getting the job done right the first time. What good is having a job done a little bit cheaper if the customer has to keep chasing to have something fixed or finished?

When you choose to purchase high-quality items, you can save more money. You will only need to pay a considerable amount one time. On the other hand, if you buy cheap things, you will need to keep buying new ones. Cheap items often get damaged after a few uses and the cost of replacing them could well exceed the outlay you would have made for a better quality product to being with.

Added Value: One facet of quality is the aesthetic, or how a product looks, feels, sounds, tastes and smells. Colours, prints, shapes, textures and features make all the difference, and these are what set companies apart from their competitors. Customers notice these kinds of details, which can make or break a sale. These sorts of touches are what make sure that customers really fall in love with their purchase and adds value to their lives.

Return on Investment: Studies show a strong positive association between quality and satisfaction. In fact, high quality produces a higher return on investment (ROI) for any given market share. Good quality products will last longer and have fewer defects or failures, resulting in lower instances of the need for repair or future problems. This provides customers with peace of mind and increased satisfaction regarding their investment.

Better Customer Care: Brands that build their reputation on high-quality products are playing the long game. Therefore, customer care is key. Their goal is to build a brand following of die-hard fans and they will ensure they take care of each customer along the way in order to achieve this.

Excellence breeds more excellence: Companies with high-quality products typically reflect the same excellence in other areas of their business beyond the products themselves. The company ethos is more likely to be healthy and the entire team is likely to be happier, more productive and good at their jobs.

You’re Rewarding Honest Businesses: Reward the good guys! These are honest businesses who care more about their reputation than gaining an extra 3% profit margin. It’s called character, which can be a rare commodity these days.

When you purchase from these businesses, you are also helping these trustworthy brands succeed. It means you support companies that provide customers what they deserve. You get the quality that you pay for and at the same time, you help these brands increase their popularity.

It’s More Sustainable: Choosing quality over quantity is one of the easiest ways to live more sustainably. But buying less and making sure what you buy will last you are choosing to be more sustainable.

In essence, buying better quality leads to buying less frequently, leaving you to focus on what is important to you in your daily life.