Nobody wants a cold shower in February!

3rd Feb, 2019 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating

If you’ve been considering a new boiler installation, don’t wait until your boiler breaks down. Do your research NOW so that you can buy your new boiler with confidence. Make your purchase knowing you’ve chosen the right boiler and the right installers.

Choosing Warner’s

Customer service, workmanship and after-care are all equally important at Warner’s. From the moment our customers get in touch we ensure we are meeting their requirements. We are extremely proud of our gleaming reputation and reviews and this is reflected in the top-quality service we continue to offer.

Choosing your boiler

This isn’t just your responsibility. A good installer will ensure the boiler is correct for both you and your home.
Know your system. Do you require a combi, a system or a conventional boiler? If you don’t know, your installer will explain this and alleviate any confusion.

Not only do you need a boiler that is physically the right size for the area it is being installed, you need the correct heating size. Generally, domestic boilers range from 24kw to 42kw in size. The correct size is determined by factors such as; number of occupants in the house, number of rooms and number of radiators.

Choose a reliable brand. As Gas Safe registered installers, we had to do our research too when deciding which boilers to recommend to our customers. It wasn’t an easy task but after enough research, the facts and reviews spoke for themselves. We decided to work with Vaillant. Our decision was based solely on the quality and recommendations that we researched and not down to any incentive, which can sometimes be the case.


As well as choosing a boiler, you will need to choose controls. If you aren’t familiar with ‘smart controls’, you might want to look them up. Smart controls allow you to adjust the temperature from wherever you are using your smartphone or tablet. You can ensure your home is the right temperature before you even step foot inside. Impressive and convenient technology at your fingertips. You might be surprised at how affordable it can be too. Being able to control the temperature of your home while you are elsewhere, will allow you to be energy efficient and save money.
Whichever controls you choose, your installer should always explain these to you if needed.
In September 2018, Vaillant announced they had won the Which? Best Buy 2018 award for their entire range of combination, system and open vented domestic boilers. The award included feedback on value for money, reliability and quality. Vaillant offer high quality reliable boilers for every kind of living space.
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environment-friendly heating and air-conditioning technology, sustainability plays an integral role in the Vaillant Group’s activities. Home and world climate are inseparable and modern heating technology can today make an important contribution to achieving climate protection targets. In the UK alone, replacing an old heating system with a new high efficiency boiler can save more than 30% of energy a year, and reduce CO2 emissions by a corresponding 30%. Sustainable heating is central to the Vaillant Group and its operation.

To discuss your heating requirements or new boiler installation, contact Warner’s today on 01636 551555.