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MagnaCleanse – What is it and how you can benefit from having one?

  Does your radiator have cold spots?
  Are you finding you are having to turn your room thermostat higher to keep warm?
  If you have a hot water cylinder does your hot water not get as hot as you would like?
  Does your boiler keep breaking down or showing fault codes?

These are just some of the tell-tale signs of a dirty heating system.  Essentially, the water in your radiator/s has become dirty due to the oxidisation (corrosion) build-up of iron oxide and rust over time which turns the water inside the radiator into a form of sludge which is known as magnetite. This then means that your boiler has to work harder to do its job properly which in turn will mean your radiators will not heat to the temperature they should and will cost more money in energy bills (not what we need right now!).

In the past the solution to this would have been to power flush the system. This is still a very good option. A power flush works by sending water through your central heating system at a high velocity to dislodge any build-up of sludge and rust. However, there are some notable issues with power flushing:

  It can increase pressure on any areas of weakness, such as rusting radiators.
  If there are any underlying weaknesses in your pipework, it can lead to leaks.
  Compromise the internals of your boiler causing leaks.

There is now an alternative solution; developed by a company called Adey, the MagnaCleanse does not put any unnecessary pressure on your central heating system and instead uses powerful magnets to catch the magnetite and clean your system.

As technology has progressed today’s recommendation would be to have a MagnaCleanse at initially. This works by using a magnetic filter to collect all of the metallic debris inside the radiators. New boiler installations are recommended to have a MagnaCleanse filter installed at the same time of installation.

What is a MagnaCleanse?

A MagnaCleanse is the new process of cleansing your central heating system of the iron oxide sludge and rust from the internal workings of radiators, boilers and the associated pipes designed to maintain and protect your central heating system from the negative effects of iron oxide sludge and rust build up.

The objective of a MagnaCleanse is to remove iron oxide sludge, rust and any other magnetic debris from the radiators and pipework and restore systems that have circulation problems or boiler noises caused by the dirty water.

It is definitely something we would recommend if you are experiencing issues with your central heating system such as cold spots on radiators, excessive noise from your boiler, discoloured water when bleeding radiators or if your central heating is taking a while to heat up.

How does it work?

The MagnaCleanse and magnetic filters have been developed by a company called Adey. Most boiler manufacturers expect a magnetic filter to be installed when you have a new boiler, in most cases if one is not fitted this will void your manufactures warranty should you need to contact the manufacturer regarding a repair. If you have a magnetic filter already fitted on your existing heating system, these are usually located near to your boiler (ideally on the heating return pipe), this will catch the  magnetite as it passes through the system, protecting your boiler. The MagnaCleanse can easily be connected for a system cleanse at this point, failing that the MagnaCleanse can be temporarily installed in a different location like on a radiator for the cleanse to take place. We would always recommend having a magnetic filter installed if you are having a MagnaCleanse as this will give your system ongoing protection all year round.

Chemicals are then introduced into the MagnaCleanse chambers, and these are pumped around your heating system via the pump that is already installed near your hot water cylinder, or within your boiler.

Powerful magnets within what are known as ‘swill chambers’ are part of the MagnaCleanse which your heating engineer will attach to you heating system to collect the magnetite as this is pumped around. With the MagnaCleanse in place your heating engineer will then visit every radiator on the central heating system and vibrate them, using a device known as an agitator. This is done by holding the agitator against the outside of the radiator for up to 30-60 seconds to vibrate the radiators shifting magnetite from the bottom of your radiators  to the MagnaCleanse where it is collected by the magnets.

The Benefits of a MagnaCleanse and/or Magnetic Filter being installed:

There are many benefits of having a system cleanse with a MagnaCleanse or having a magnetic filter installed.

We recommend having the process carried out if you are noticing issues with your central heating system. Here are some of the many benefits:

  Removes black iron oxide allowing your radiators to become warmer.
•  Radiators warm up faster.
  Gives your heating system on going protection once the correct inhibitor (prevents corrosion within the system) is present.
  Less chance of boiler breakdowns.
  Heating system correctly balanced.
  Increases the lifespan of your heating system.
  Prevents boiler breakdowns
  Makes sure your heating system is working as efficiently as it can, saving you money on your heating bills.

Important information to know.

When balancing your heating system, it is important that this is done correctly. Most people have modern condensing boilers, however not everyone knows when, or how the boiler condenses, thus recovering the latent heat that is otherwise lost. The return temperature going back into the boiler must be below 55 degrees celsius for the condensing process to take place, if this is not the case your energy efficient condensing boiler is not being energy efficient. The lower the temperature is returning to the boiler the more energy efficient the boiler becomes.

For example, at a return temperature of 54 degrees the boiler would be around 87% efficient, your boiler only becomes over 90% efficient if the return temperature is below 45%. This is why balancing your heating system is so important along with not having the flow temperature from your boiler too high.  With this in mind we would recommend that the flow temperature leaving your boiler is set somewhere between 65-70 degrees dependant on your system size.

At Warner’s our engineers can test your radiators with our thermal imaging camera to make sure there are no cold spots and the radiators within your system are heating up and working to their optimum.

There are pros and cons to the different ways of cleaning your heating system, however we believe a MagnaCleanse is the better option which is the least risk adverse to your existing system.

We hope this month’s blog gives you an understanding of how a MagnaCleanse works, when it is needed and the cost saving benefits of having this done

Here are some pictures of the magnetite being removed from a heating system. Imagine the damage this is doing to the components of your boiler, as well as blocking the water ways of the radiators within your home and more worryingly using more gas or oil.

see below for an insight into how the magnet works!

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact a member of our team on info@warnersinnovations.co.uk / 01636 551555