How to Add Personality to your Bathroom Design

1st May, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Interior Design, Wet Rooms
When it comes to designing your bathroom, the functionality of a bathroom is essential, however that doesn’t mean you should compromise on aesthetics. What we once saw as a functional space in the home, the bathroom has become synonymous with the place to unwind and relax after a stressful day. But how do you achieve that when a bathroom is home to lots of cold, hard surfaces that can make the space feel quite stark and clinical? While there are some limitations design-wise and practically, there are many ways to get around this by bringing in areas of colour, pattern and features that will add warmth and help soften the harshness.

Tastefully decorating and equipping a room to replicate the latest trends shown in magazines and social media does not bring it to life. The best homes are full of personality, and the interior of each room should reflect the owner, showing an emotional link to the space through design decisions that come from the heart.

So where do you start?

The finishing touches to your bathroom deserve attention, however not as an afterthought once the bathroom has been installed. The place to start is at the design stage incorporating what you want alongside what you need, paying equal attention to how the space feels as well as how it works. Here are several areas to consider.

Wall finishes

Tiles are always high on our list of considerations when making our bathroom choices, and we naturally consider the colour of any remaining walls and the ceiling whilst making that choice. When it comes to smaller spaces like bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms, creating an impact with the decor can be a challenge, however considering the tiles and the decoration together as a combined feature can transform the space.

Warner’s Tip! Match wallpaper colour to flooring in a small bathroom. Continuous colour throughout can help to blur the edges of a room and will make it feel bigger and more expansive.

You can do this by introducing a section of bold colour as a feature with your tiling, but have you also considered wallpaper – and more to the point, is wallpaper ok to use in a bathroom?

A properly ventilated bathroom will happily accommodate wallpaper however wallpaper with a vinyl coating or scrubbable finish can provide extra durability in bathrooms with high humidity and moisture. Consider a statement wallpaper that adds natural textures as an interest within your space or focus on a statement section rather with a bolder choice. Embracing pattern can actually make a room seem bigger, and it’s a chance to have a bit of fun and express your personality.


Soft Furnishings:

Bathroom window treatments offer more than just privacy. They can also add an element of softness or a pop of colour or pattern to the room. Choosing the right bathroom blinds can be a bit more complicated than choosing blinds for other applications, as there is more to consider. The moisture and humidity innate to most bathrooms is a big factor and may mean you have to rule out some types of blinds entirely. To further compound matters, even the fact that bathrooms tend to be warm or subject to a reasonable degree of temperature fluctuation between when they’re in use and when they’re not, can affect the lifespan and appearance of your bathroom window blinds too.

Warner’s Tip! We don’t suggest curtains below because these are not a popular choice for bathrooms. The appearance and shape of curtains tends to deteriorate much more quickly in a bathroom.

Roller blinds: are the most popular as they are easy to install and have the ability to withstand bathroom humidity and steam, generated from hot showers and baths. Available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns they offer options which can be hardwearing with clean and simple lines that sit flush against the window.

Mirage Blinds: which consist of two layers of fabric which adjust to create sheer daytime and opaque nightime privacy, or anywhere in-between.

Venetian Blinds: When you start getting into the realms of bathrooms that are larger (particularly with higher ceilings, good ventilation, and the bath or shower itself some distance from the windows) your options expand. Real wooden Venetian blinds are perfectly well suited to bathrooms where they are unlikely to get wet directly and won’t deal with a high degree of humidity; if you’re unsure, however, it is best to choose a faux-wood alternative, as too much exposure to wet or damp can cause real wooden blinds to warp over time.

Window Shutters: are also becoming increasingly popular, as they give full coverage and complete privacy as well as great light control with easily adjustable louvers of varying sizes.

Roman Blinds: add an acoustic softness to a room with hard surfaces and some fabrics are specially designed for bathroom use, withstanding moisture, heat and humidity to prevent the appearance of mold and mildew. Avoid cotton, linen and silk as the moisture can get caught in the fibers, and blinds can become distorted and even show signs of mold over time.


Finishing Wall Art:

And finally, don’t be afraid to add artwork to your bathroom walls as a way to add uniqueness and personality to your space. Beautiful bathroom art ideas can add a decorative element to a space that is traditionally ignored.

Remember that your artwork needs to be able to resist some humidity. For frames, choose metal frames made with aluminium which does not rust rather than wood which can expand and contract, causing damage over time. Expect that any print may deteriorate over time so consider this when choosing and use a copied print where possible.

Warner’s Tip! Moisture can build up behind a glazed frame. If you do need to use glazing, use acrylic instead of glass because unlike glass, acrylic allows some moisture to pass through, which will prevent moisture from building up inside the frame and damaging the print.

Alternatively, non-paper products can also be framed in your bathrooms such as a feature tile or a metal print made with aluminium, which won’t rust or warp and will last.

Considering some of the above finishing touches during the design stage for your bathroom will help your decision making process by visualising the complete finished room before the work commences in your home. At Warner’s Innovations, we focus on function and aesthetics, and our   professional Interior Designers will work with you to create your Bathroom, En-Suite or Cloakroom which reflects the uniqueness of your personality.