How to Add Ambience to your Bathroom Design

1st Jun, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

What is Ambience?  Ambience is atmosphere and feeling.

Having looked last month at bringing personality to your bathroom, the atmosphere of the room can play a significant part in the way a room feels and can significantly alter the look of your chosen design. Again, this is something to be considered at an early stage alongside the bathroom design stage, but it starts with two simple things to consider and combine:

1. How do you want the ambience of your room to feel?

2. How do you need your room to function?

There are certain features that form part of your bathroom design which can provide flexibility with a little thought, experience and imagination. The creativity of the lighting and mirrors, and how they interact within the room, form the key.

How can these change the atmosphere of your room?


Lighting helps set the mood in a bathroom and will add depth and interest.  As a room where we spend our time either refreshing or relaxing, the right lighting is key to creating the correct ambience; you may even require a different ambience depending on the time of day and the current task the room is being used for.

General lighting considerations fall into three categories:

1. Ambient lighting provides general background lighting and is often achieved with ceiling spotlights which are neat and unobtrusive.

Warner’s Tip! Avoid placing ceiling lighting directly above and in front of the mirror which can create glare and cast unflattering shadows.

2. Task lighting which lights certain areas so that you can see what you’re doing such as around the mirror.

Warner’s Tip! Instead of installing separate light fittings to illuminate the mirror area, opt for a mirror with built-in lighting. Incorporating lighting into the mirror ensures even distribution of light around the mirror and it will cast a subtler glow than harsh overhead lighting.

3. Accent lighting to highlight decorative features such as shelves, artwork or greenery. Accent lighting helps set the mood in a bathroom and will add depth and interest.

A combination of the above lighting will create the atmosphere within the room and, like other rooms in the home, consider adding a statement lighting feature such as a pendant, a chandelier or a unique light fixture. The market for bathroom safety rated light fittings has grown hugely over recent years and you can discover light fixtures which resemble works of art and add a different focus to your room.



A mirror is an integral part of any type of bathroom idea. Not only is it needed when it comes to brushing your teeth, applying your make-up, or shaving, it also works wonders when it comes to brightening the room. An over basin mirror or mirror cabinet provides the perfect opportunity to introduce task lighting to your room and in the perfect position to maximise the benefit and reduce the shadows when shaving or doing your make-up. Backlit bathroom mirror ideas can also create optional mood lighting and adds a lovely glow to offer soft light.

Mirrors bounce light around to help make the space feel larger than it actually is. Therefore in addition to looking at functional mirror options, consider adding a decorative mirror to enhance the decor and make a style statement of its own. Adding a large mirror to a room can create the illusion of doubling the size of the room, and by introducing a heated pad behind your mirror will remain crystal clear and avoid steaming up.

Warner’s Tip! Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite each other as this will create a reflective infinity which is not the statement piece you will enjoy.

Natures Pièce de Résistance

Plants are a great finishing touch for your bathroom from enhancing your chosen colour scheme with green foliage, to adding an accent colour without decorating. Bathroom plants can also be uplifting thanks to the element of nature being present indoors. A statuesque plant can create the feeling of showering or bathing outside in the elements but within the privacy of your own home of course. Sometimes less is more and you don’t have to include a rainforest when a single potted plant on a shelf suits your room. Choose plants carefully to suit a humid and warm environment and also the available natural light in the room.

Considering some of the above options during the design stage for your bathroom will help you create the finished room which will generate maximum enjoyment. At Warner’s Innovations, we not only focus on the function and aesthetics of your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom, but also the ultimate vision of the person who we are designing for. Our clients may be unsure of their end goal when they first visit our showroom, however our design team will provide them with the understanding and confidence to not just see their design unfold, but also visualise how the ambience of the room will feel.