Featuring three of our wet rooms

1st Oct, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Customer Journey, Wet Rooms
​What are our favourite wet rooms?

Regarding home renovations and interior design, wet rooms are gaining more popularity for their blend of luxury and functionality. We have installed many wet rooms now, and wholly advocate them for all their benefits. They are not only functional, but they are a sanctuary where you can escape the stresses of daily life. Wet rooms are more than just a bathroom, they are a space to indulge in some self-care too.

Warner’s Innovations has been up and running for many years. Over these years we have seen requests for and installed some fantastic wet rooms. We thought we would share some interesting wet rooms we have created.

All these wet rooms feature on our projects page which is here. If you click on the picture, it takes you to the page to find out more information such as product choices.

Transitional Warner's Design
Transitional Design

This is what we would call a transitional design, which is a gateway between traditional and contemporary. Think ‘deluxe farmhouse’.

The décor of this room includes beams, and the wooden style floor keeps in with a more traditional feel with features of the furniture helping to tie this together. Having big neutral tiles, a classic wet room tiled tray and black accents brings modernity to this design. There is a warmth in the room that makes it feel comfortable as well as clean. The freestanding bath is also traditional however it is a slightly modern take with its stylish shape.

Modern Warner's Design
Modern with Feature bath

This spectacular design is modern and all-encompassing. The neutral tones create a relaxing and spa-like ambience to the room. The bath features on a platform which creates a stunning feature for the room and features an LED light strip. Making use of the space, alcoves were created for added and convenient storage and the lights in the alcove add life and brightness to the room.

This rooms incorporates a wet room shower and a free-standing bath, covering all bathing needs. Finished off with a freestanding vanity that holds storage and keeps in with the minimalist and modern feel.

Contemporary Warner's Design
Victorian and stylish  

Another great design, bringing the bold, Victorian style floor to life with complimentary furniture and neutral wall tiles to make it pop. The black accents in the form of the brassware, mirror and accessories tie the whole room together. Great attention to detail is paid right down to the tile trim, furniture handle and flush button which fit in with the theme.

The furniture being wall hung ensures that the space is opened as much as possible and continues the seamlessness of the floor from the wet room tray all through the rest of the room. This also compliments the timelessness and elegance of the floor tile with the other features in the room.

Can I have any design for my wet room?

Wet rooms are becoming well-known for their adaptability to cater for various design preferences and lifestyles. They can be traditional, contemporary, transitional, and everything in between. You can really choose to create a unique room just for you. The classic wet room is a tribute to any design idea and offers a sense of sophistication that stays in style.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of minimalism or the tranquillity of nature, the luxury of a spa, the edginess of an industrial aesthetic, or the timeless charm of classic design, there’s a wet room style for your ideas. These spaces have redefined bathroom design, and at Warner’s we are here to help every step of the way. We will continue to create stunning wet rooms and also look forward to the new and exciting design ideas from our existing and upcoming customers.

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