Customise Your Bathroom With Warner’s Innovations

1st Jun, 2022 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Quality

We know that renovating a bathroom can be daunting if you are not sure where to start.

Whilst the bathroom is a functional space first and foremost, that doesn’t mean it can’t have style. In this month’s blog, we discuss how Montrose furniture gives you the option to customise in more ways than ever before, allowing you to create a personalised, luxury bathroom that you can love and enjoy for years to come.

Who are Montrose?

With a prestigious reputation, Montrose have been creating beautifully designed, hand-built bathroom furniture from its UK manufacturing facility for over 20 years.

They use sustainable and recyclable materials in the manufacturing of their products wherever possible, and ensure your products are as environmentally friendly as they can be.

Their possibilities are endless!

Why Montrose?

All of their bathroom furniture is built to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Units can be designed to your specific requirements and due to the number of possibilities, each piece is almost unique to you and your space!

In the modern day there is no such thing as a textbook or standard bathroom renovation with every brief having different specifications and every house being built and designed differently. From the height of the windows and ceiling, and the shape of the room, to the positioning of the pipework, no two bathrooms are the same.

In response to this, bathroom furniture design has adapted to become more customisable, with a range of different sized components, colour options and finishes to suit individual tastes.

When deciding which vanity unit to feature in a space, you can choose between a number of unit styles and sizes, including short projection for smaller bathrooms or double units for couples.

Homeowners are now able to match details such as the finish on the tap, to the finish of the lighting, door handles and accessories. The level of customisation available is opening up a new world of design possibilities that was usually reserved for the select few.

How to choose?
Step 1 – Measure

The first thing you will need to do before choosing what to install is to measure your space so you can see what will fit. Drawing a floorplan is then a great way to be able to see the layout which is key for our designers to understand what is possible. Have a look on our website for our measuring guide.


Let’s use the picture below for this explanation.

This customer wanted to completely renovate their cloakroom and install a run of fitted furniture along the rear wall in order to conceal the pipework and keep the space minimal and streamlined.

The back wall measures 1.47m or 1470mm. A key detail to note would be the position of the waste pipe, here it exits to the left.

Step 2 – Choose Unit/Units

Now that you know how much space you have to work with and some of the key details, you will need to choose the unit that you would like to install. This is made up of a few things, whether you want, cupboards or drawers, the handles or opening type, the fascia colour/finish, and the carcass colour/finish.

Following on from a showroom product meeting and having a detailed discussion into what the client was wanting, our design team came up with the following design for the rear wall.

This run of furniture is made up of multiple components, including two singular cupboards, a double cupboard, and a WC unit. In order to fit your space all these components come in various sizes so you can choose which ones work best together. We would however recommend leaving a minimum of 50mm on both ends for end/infill panels to ensure that the doors do not hit the walls when opened.

The next choice was the pan and seat. A cistern is included in the furniture and sits inside the cabinetry, therefore a back to the wall pan will be required which sits against the furniture and leaves no pipework on show. You can choose either go for the standard height or comfort height which some people find more comfortable.


As you can see, there are also a lot of options in terms of shapes and styles for you to choose from. Round tends to be slightly more classic, however the squarer options are great for spaces with a contemporary feel or if you are wanting to save space.

It is worth noting that ceramic finishes can vary across ranges, so it is usually best to choose the same range when selecting a basin for your vanity.

Plinth size?

We briefly mentioned the position of your waste pipe and where it exits the room. This is where this becomes important. One of the benefits of fitted furniture is that all of the pipework you don’t want to see can be concealed within the unit. Soil pipes are usually around 110mm in diameter which is a sizable pipe to conceal and not one you want running through your storage unit.

If your soil pipe runs directly into the ground from the toilet and you are not moving the position of the toilet, then you may be able to select a minimal plinth of 100mm.

If like our brief, your soil pipe exits to the side, then the solution is to have the alternative variation of a 244mm plinth which will conceal the pipe and will not be intrusive of the units, it will simply mean you lose 100mm of storage due to the height of the plinth and ensuring the overall height of your units remain the standard height.


There are many options with door styles, would you prefer plain or have more of a shaker style?


If you need the higher plinth, you have the added option of a longline front which is extended below the cupboard to conceal part of the plinth as seen in the image below.


Then, there is the choice of handles and openings. Montrose offer a range of handles, alternatively, you also have the option to have handless doors with a ridge or even push to open doors to give the true minimal overall look.



There are many standard colours as seen below, however if none appeal, Montrose can paint their units in any colour of your choice as long as they have the colours information/recipe. You can even match to Farrow & Ball colour if you wish!


If your chosen finish has a grain, you will also need to decide which direction you would like this to flow, horizontal, vertical, or traditional, seen in the diagram above.

You can also choose the colour of the carcass which can either match or contrast the doors, the decision is yours!


When it comes to the worktop Montrose make 4 types. Laminate, Vinyl wrapped, Neostone and Corian.


Laminate worktops are a hard wearing and water-resistant material and are available in an attractive range of high gloss or natural texture finishes. They are usually the most familiar as apart from being attractive in their texture and pattern, they provide both a practical and competitive solution.

Vinyl wrapped

Allowing you to match the worktop finish perfectly to the finish of your fronts, this worktop material remains a firm favourite. Couple this with the ability to form shapes and profiles, features normally only available with more expensive worktop materials.

Once again, if you are not keen on these colour options Montrose can ‘paint’ their worktops in any colour you like.


Solid surface worktops compliment bathroom furniture perfectly. Produced from man-made modified acrylic, its solid 12mm/20mm thickness make Neostone a rather unique worktop material. They have the look and feel of natural granite but cut as easily as a standard laminate surface, great in a bathroom environment and easy to fit.


Created to last a lifetime, manufactured out of a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone hard surface that can be shaped to meet any design or dimension.

What about the vanity unit?

Well Montrose have a vide variety of vanity units to choose from which like the rest of their range come with modifiable components.

Firstly, you will need to choose a shape and size. Vanity units start from 400mm in width and can go up to 1600mm.


You will also need to decide if you want the unit to be floor standing or wall hung. With Montrose having so many options to customise you are able to combine fitted furniture and modular with ease. Just because fitted furniture has been selected for part of the room does not mean that the vanity must be the same.

Once you have decided on shape and size you will need a basin to go with it. Montrose offer a comprehensive choice of basins to fit all of their vanity units, most vanity units will have a choice of basins however some will have a specific basin based on size and shape.

The options

Countertop – A basin that is inset into a portion of the worktop. If you select a Neo stone or Corian worktop, then Montrose can manufacture an inset basin as part of the worktop.

Sit on – A basin that sits on top of the worktop. Comes in a range of shapes and sizes. You are able to fit a sit on basin from an alternate manufacturer if preferable. A tall basin mixer will then be required to ensure the tap/taps clear the basins height.

Semi-recessed – A semi recessed basin will half sit in your countertop giving you the option of a large basin if you only have space for a small unit. These come in a range of designs and shapes.

Gelcast – High gloss gel coat finish, popular for bathroom products due to lower manufacturing costs. Where space is limited, Gelcast In-Line basins provide the perfect fit. With their crisp styling, these basins really make the most of the available space & look great.


If you are searching for bathroom lighting ideas, then Montrose have you covered. Getting your bathroom lights right is key to creating a space that’s most importantly practical but also looks great too.

With a range of innovative lighting options on offer, there are plenty of creative ways to illuminate your room.

Our client wanted to incorporate LED lights into the plinth. This can be done with ease as Montrose offer the lights and manufacture a plinth to fit them!


On top of all of the customisations discussed, Montrose have a range of accessories that can be added. Options include towel storage, glass backs to units, laundry basket units, toilet roll units, bin units, shaver sockets, pull out towel rail and bath panels with storage options.

Our Design?

Let’s have another look at our design and see how it’s coming along.

Our customer opted to go with a wall hung vanity unit, combining fitted and modular furniture styles seamlessly. With doors and worktops to match across the room, a sit on basin was then chosen to give a luxury hotel feel.

We appreciate that is a lot of information to take in, hopefully we have given you an understanding of the different options available when choosing products and designing your bathroom however reach out to our design team if you have any questions and they will be more than happy to help! – Have a look at the finished project below!