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1st Apr, 2023 | Customer Journey

You have decided you want to update your bathroom / en suite / cloakroom however you have no idea where to begin; there are so many options, the internet is a minefield and you are unsure if what you envisage is even possible.  What do you do?

Warner’s Innovations can help with all of your unanswered queries and give you a clear vision for your space, making it a reality. Afterall, communicating with a specialist is better than having your queries go unanswered. So, how do we do it?

An initial enquiry with the team will lead us to booking a telephone consultation and requesting images of your space which is to be renovated; your bespoke and unique experience with Warner’s starts the second you make contact.

The Warner’s journey begins with a telephone consultation with an expert advisor.  The team will have already analysed your images which enables us to ask a number of targeted questions to help you focus and narrow your attentions.  By the end of the conversation we will have hopefully determined why you want to update your space, what you are hoping to achieve and discussed the delicate issue of budget.  Most importantly however you will have ended the call feeling less overwhelmed by the refurbishment process and confident in the expertise of Warner’s.

The second stage of the journey is a showroom visit.  In keeping with your unique and tailored experience you will be the sole client in the showroom to ensure you have our undivided attention.  With relaxing tones and fresh scents, we walk you through the products, many exclusive ranges available to Warner’s clients in the Newark area, we can offer highlighting the multiple finishes, numerous configurations and lifetime benefits they provide.  We will schedule a no obligation site survey and you will leave the showroom feeling inspired by our lifestyle bays and beginning to visualise your space becoming a reality.

It is during the site survey, having considered your water system, building construction, drainage and sub floor, that we confirm what the options are for your refurbishment.  In almost all circumstances we can achieve your desired space; the site survey assists us in identifying any issues that we need to overcome and resolve to deliver exactly what you want.  At this stage you will be relieved to know that Warner’s has unpicked the minefield for you and further helped you to concentrate your mind on the beautiful space you want to create.

The next stage is a further step closer to visualising your space.  A product meeting at the showroom hones in on your initial showroom visit and coupled with the site survey enables you to choose your products.  Will you go for traditional, contemporary or a transitional design which is a stunning blend of both, keeping the integrity of the traditional design, yet bringing the space into the 21st century, matte or gloss, brushed or polished, modular or free standing?  Our expert advisor will be on hand to guide you through the choices keeping in mind the information that we gathered during your telephone consultation and site survey to ensure that any practical needs are accommodated.  You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of our CAD (computer aided design) service, created on our high graphic PCs.  This is where the real magic begins allowing you to visualise the space before it becomes a reality. This stage also allows us to make any necessary alterations that we collectively feel necessary and avoids any on site issues if we feel something is not quite right.  The next time we meet will be the design presentation with the days leading up to this filled with excitement and anticipation of what your space will look like.

Behind the scenes we are preparing your estimate and, if you have chosen a design, designing your desired space.  Once we have created your estimate and design we have a final showroom meeting to present your proposed refurbished space.  For all of our clients, this is one of the more anticipated meetings; their vision has finally come to life.  During the meeting, we present the design to you outlining the benefits and specification, talk you through the installation process and the various trades involved, discuss timescales and confirm the project.  The next stage of the journey is making your space a reality and you counting down the days.

We take great care in selecting your products and liaising with you to ensure that we meet your expectations and deliver exactly what you want.  This is why our journey to this stage may be longer than others; at Warner’s we are solution driven with the client at the heart of the process.  We understand that renovations can be daunting and disruptive however by gathering key information from the outset and meeting with you throughout the initial stages of the journey our aim is to provide a bespoke, seamless and relatively hassle free experience.

Once your project has been confirmed, your bespoke experience continues with your designated point of contact.  The team will order your products, quality check them and ensure they are all in stock and available in time for installation.  Your point of contact will keep you updated on your installation start date and ensure that any particular requests are communicated to our installation team. 

When your installation date arrives, our qualified and experienced installation engineers will treat your home with care and respect.  The installation engineers will have received your design brief and will skilfully bring the design of your space from the design presentation to reality.  There may be some queries along the way such as grout colour and positioning however with internal communication and ensuring that the client is always kept up to date, Warner’s continues to manage and provide a smooth, tailored and unique service to the end.

Once the installation engineers have completed the installation we provide a soft clean of the space to make sure everything is sparkling and gleaming as it should be.  And then, the final stage of your journey with Warner’s is revealed; the moment your thoughts at the very beginning become a reality. 

​Your journey does not need to end there with us; most of our clients have become lifetime clients once they have experienced the level of professional service from our team.  We cover most aspects of the building industry including, although not limited to plumbing, heating, natural gas, floor and wall tiling, electrics, plastering, building, joinery and much more.

To begin your journey with us today, click here to contact us for more information.