Choosing the right furniture for your bathroom project

1st Jan, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, En Suite, Interior Design, Space Saving

What types of furniture can you have in your bathroom:

When choosing the most suitable storage for your bathroom, en suite, wetroom or cloakroom, you may first want to consider how much storage you think you’ll need. You can look at what you already have and assess if it is enough or if you feel you need more, or less even. This is a good starting point when you are figuring out the best type of furniture to suit your lifestyle, whilst at the same time being able to choose the style that bests compliment your personal taste.

Sometimes it is easier to consider a few questions before making these decisions, for example why are you needing furniture in your bathroom and what will you use it for? Consider some examples:

If you have a large family bathroom, you may want several units, comprising of base and wall cupboards to allow for you and possibly several family members to use. If you have one bathroom, you may want to make the most of the space by having as much storage as possible.  Fitted furniture also works great if you have awkward sized spaces to fill as they can be customised to almost any size or shape room.

If you have an en suite that you are trying to keep minimal, however want to make plenty of room for your products, you might want to consider modular floor standing or wall-hung furniture for that ultra-minimal look.

When it comes to cloakrooms, sometimes you can be limited with the space, so you might want to choose a small wall-hung unit that you are still able to store items in.

What to consider when you are choosing the right furniture for your bathroom

Are you wanting your furniture to be a feature or focal point of the room? Are you focused on how it looks and the finished colour?

Do you want to make the most out of the space and therefore the products you can store, with functionality being the primary focus?

Would you like easily accessible drawer space that is organised into compartments where you can select your products from above, or would you like to store items in a cupboard with shelves?

Do you want to keep the floor free and have a wall-hung unit so you can easily access underneath and at the same time make the room look bigger?

We like to have varied range of furniture on display at our showroom in Newark, Nottinghamshire, just off the A1 and A46. We have lifestyle settings which really helps in the process of choosing what suits you. This not only gives you an idea of the variety of options available to you, but you are also able to feel the different finishes and try out the various styles, helping to envision what you see going into your bathroom, en suite, wetroom or cloakroom.

Modular Floor Standing Furniture

Here are some examples of freestanding and modular furniture in our showroom. There are plenty of options to choose from and many more available to order:


– Doesn’t take up too much room.

– Comes in a variety of finishes and colours to choose from.

– Allows for a minimal look while incorporating storage.

– Can be moved and reused again.

– Numerous handle options, or handless with a push open.

– Door or drawer option.

Modular Wall Hung furniture


– Minimalistic

– Drawer storage is most popular. This is most practical for storing bathroom items as they can be viewed from above and there is no need to rifle through cupboard space.

– Also comes in cupboard finishes.

– As these don’t run to the floor, the space below can be easily cleaned and there is no pipework to clean around.

– Can be finished in any RAL colour and a variety of finishes. Wood effect, handle-less etc.

– Numerous handle options, or handless with a push open.

– Door or drawer option.

– Gives the illusion of more space.


Fitted Furniture


– Can be installed wall to wall – leaving no gaps that gather dust.

– Can be made in almost any sizes, with different size units.

– Can be customised with different types of units like laundry units and toilet roll holders.

– Maximises space and uses the whole area for storage purposes.

– Easily conceals pipework for a neat finish with no need to see any pipes or even boxing

– Can be finished in any RAL colour and a variety of finishes/textures.

– Lifetime guarantee.

– This furniture is hand built in the UK.

– Numerous handle options, or handless with a push open mechanism.

– Door or drawer option.

– Available in wall hung or free-standing options.

Wherever possible sustainable and recyclable materials are used in the manufacturing of these products and raw materials are secured from other environmentally minded companies.

What else to consider when purchasing bathroom furniture:

  • Wall hung furniture needs to be installed on solid or external walls.
  • Some furniture designs are dependent on joist positions and other pipework, therefore sometimes pipework may need to be moved to allow for the design.
  • RAL finishes and other special requests are subject to a price surcharge.


Other types of bathroom storage

Of course, bathroom storage solutions don’t have to stop at the furniture that can be installed. Here we can consider other clever ways to store items in your bathroom:

Wall Cabinet or a Mirror Cabinet: Store necessary bathroom products in a wall cabinet, especially if you have limited floorspace.

An alcove in your shower or bath area: This is a great way to store your products for showering or bathing. This recessed storage is fully waterproof and means everything is within reach when you are taking your ablutions. You can have almost any size and number of alcoves to meet your needs.

Showers shelves/corner shelves: These little shelves really maximise even those small corners of your shower area allowing for more places for your products.

Baskets: These are easy to install and are also very useful in shower areas for storing products.

The list goes on: Toilet roll holders, soap dishes, towel rails and hooks are all small but handy products to help make your space most practical and everything a little bit easier.

So, whatever furniture you choose, we are here to help. Please feel free to come visit the showroom, request one of our brochures, and have a look at our many ranges we have to offer. Even if you are just looking for advice or more information, we are more than happy to help. We also offer a design service meaning you can visualise the design you want for your room.

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