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Is Your Boiler Really Being Serviced?

1st Aug, 2022 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Quality

Most of us know that annually we need to get our boiler serviced to keep the manufacturer’s warranty, but what does this actually mean?

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What Are Building Regulations?

1st Jul, 2022 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing

When you are building or modifying your house, these are regulations you must comply with, so it is good to keep up to date with them.

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How To Combat Rising Gas Prices!

1st May, 2022 | Bathrooms, Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing, Quality

• Does your radiator have cold spots?
• Are you finding you are having to turn your room thermostat higher to keep warm?
• If you have a hot water cylinder does your hot water not get as hot as you would like?
• Does your boiler keep breaking down or showing fault codes?

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How often should I have my boiler and heating system serviced?

1st Jan, 2022 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating

Taking care of your boiler and the gas appliances in your home is just as important as taking care of your car, yet we rarely think of it the same way.

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Unvented Cylinders

1st May, 2021 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing, Space Saving

Unvented cylinders ensure ample amounts of stored hot water is available on demand and are a great option if you want to improve the performance of your bath or shower

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Boiler Servicing

1st Feb, 2021 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Plumbing

Boiler servicing is something a lot of home-owners put off until something goes wrong. After all, servicing is, of course, another home expense. But it could save you money, too

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