News: Bathrooms

New Bathroom Trends for 2024

1st Feb, 2024 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms

We discuss what is new for trends in the bathroom world for 2024. Whether you are interested in the new trends, we have some ideas and inspiration for you.

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The importance of cleaning your extractor fan

18th Dec, 2023 | Bathrooms, Electrics, Wet Rooms

Extractor fans are an important part of any bathroom or wet room, ensuring moisture doesn’t build up and cause damage

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Why Have a Wet Room?

1st Sep, 2023 | Bathrooms, Cloakroom, Wet Rooms

There are many benefits to having a wet room, here we discuss the reasons why a wet room will change your showering experience.

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Introducing new ranges of tiles to our showroom

7th Aug, 2023 | Bathrooms, Tiles, Wet Rooms

Delight the senses with these tile ranges from a new supplier. Visit our showroom to check them out.

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How to Add Ambience to your Bathroom Design

1st Jun, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

What is Ambience? Ambience is atmosphere and feeling. Having looked last month at bringing personality to your bathroom, the atmosphere of the room can play a significant part in the way a room feels and can significantly alter the look of your chosen design.

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How to Add Personality to your Bathroom Design

1st May, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

Introducing personality into your design changes the finished project from ‘the’ bathroom into ’your’ bathroom, and by listening to our customers, we ensure their project is created to suit both their character and their needs.

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