New Bathroom Trends for 2024

1st Feb, 2024 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Wet Rooms

We discuss what is new for trends in the bathroom world for 2024. Whether you are interested in the new trends, we have some ideas and inspiration for you.

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Team Building at Warner’s: An Escape Room Adventure

1st Jan, 2024 | Team Events

Come with us on our recent team building journey to an escape room.

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The importance of cleaning your extractor fan

18th Dec, 2023 | Bathrooms, Electrics, Wet Rooms

Extractor fans are an important part of any bathroom or wet room, ensuring moisture doesn’t build up and cause damage

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Featuring three of our wet rooms

1st Oct, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Customer Journey, Wet Rooms

One of the best parts of the job is seeing the finished results. Here we have highlighted three wet rooms from design to installation.

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Why Have a Wet Room?

1st Sep, 2023 | Bathrooms, Cloakroom, Wet Rooms

There are many benefits to having a wet room, here we discuss the reasons why a wet room will change your showering experience.

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Introducing new ranges of tiles to our showroom

7th Aug, 2023 | Bathrooms, Tiles, Wet Rooms

Delight the senses with these tile ranges from a new supplier. Visit our showroom to check them out.

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Warner’s Win in Customer Care at the Newark Business Awards

1st Jul, 2023 | Customer Journey, Quality, Team Events

Why customer care is important to us and how it lead to us winning the category of customer care.

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How to Add Ambience to your Bathroom Design

1st Jun, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

What is Ambience? Ambience is atmosphere and feeling. Having looked last month at bringing personality to your bathroom, the atmosphere of the room can play a significant part in the way a room feels and can significantly alter the look of your chosen design.

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How to Add Personality to your Bathroom Design

1st May, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

Introducing personality into your design changes the finished project from ‘the’ bathroom into ’your’ bathroom, and by listening to our customers, we ensure their project is created to suit both their character and their needs.

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Come on a journey with us…

1st Apr, 2023 | Customer Journey

You have decided you want to update your bathroom / en suite / cloakroom however you have no idea where to begin; there are so many options, the internet is a minefield and you are unsure if what you envisage is even possible. What do you do?

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What Electrical Certificate do I need?

1st Mar, 2023 | Electrics

If you are having electrical work done, or are currently getting quotes, you may be wondering about what kind of certificates you should be given once the work is complete. The different types of electrical certificates can be a bit confusing so this should help break it down into simple terms!

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Worcester Greenstar E9 fault, diagnostics, and Ideal Logic2 Max installation

1st Feb, 2023 | Heating

Finding the fault with the old Worcester Greenstar and Installing a new Ideal Logic2 Max Combi Boiler

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Choosing the right furniture for your bathroom project

1st Jan, 2023 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, En Suite, Interior Design, Space Saving

Let’s explore the different types of furniture you can have in your bathroom, en suite or cloakroom.

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What is a PVD finish on brassware?

1st Nov, 2022 | Bathrooms

This month we are highlighting our PVD taps and why they are a superior tap choice!

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We Climbed A Mountain!

1st Oct, 2022 | Team Events

Warner’s Innovations climbed a mountain! A great team building experience where planning and preparation were fundamental.

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What is a Mood Board And How To Create One

1st Sep, 2022 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

Mood Boards are a great way to gain an insight into what your finished space could look like, not sure where to start, let us show you how!

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Is Your Boiler Really Being Serviced?

1st Aug, 2022 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Quality

Most of us know that annually we need to get our boiler serviced to keep the manufacturer’s warranty, but what does this actually mean?

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What Are Building Regulations?

1st Jul, 2022 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing

When you are building or modifying your house, these are regulations you must comply with, so it is good to keep up to date with them.

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Customise Your Bathroom With Warner’s Innovations

1st Jun, 2022 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Quality

We know that renovating a bathroom can be daunting if you are not sure where to start.
In this month’s blog, we discuss how you can customise your furniture in more ways than ever before, allowing you to create a personalised, luxury bathroom that you can love and enjoy for years to come.

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How To Combat Rising Gas Prices!

1st May, 2022 | Bathrooms, Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing, Quality

• Does your radiator have cold spots?
• Are you finding you are having to turn your room thermostat higher to keep warm?
• If you have a hot water cylinder does your hot water not get as hot as you would like?
• Does your boiler keep breaking down or showing fault codes?

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What is the best showering experience…wet room?

1st Apr, 2022 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, En Suite, Interior Design, Quality, Wet Rooms

Find out the history of the showering experience to the modern luxury of today’s walk in showers and wet rooms.

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Lets Talk About Grout

1st Mar, 2022 | Bathrooms

Grout does not have to be hard to clean or maintain. The grout we use is and water-resistant making it perfect for both bathrooms and wet rooms alike.

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Bathroom Electrical Zones – Understanding electrical safety while using electrical equipment in bathrooms.

1st Feb, 2022 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Wet Rooms

We all know that water and electricity do not mix and make a potentially lethal combination.

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How often should I have my boiler and heating system serviced?

1st Jan, 2022 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating

Taking care of your boiler and the gas appliances in your home is just as important as taking care of your car, yet we rarely think of it the same way.

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Young Lives vs Cancer Charity Giveaway

1st Dec, 2021 | Bathrooms

Christmas isn’t just about candy canes, holly or lights all aglow,

It’s about the hearts that we touch and the care that we show.

This Christmas we are supporting a charity with our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, whose work benefits many families across the country -Young Lives vs Cancer.

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I would like to renovate my bathroom, but where do I start?

1st Nov, 2021 | Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations of any scale can be overwhelming; we often have clients who say they have seen so much, and they don’t know where to start, but that’s okay because there is no right or wrong way to go about them. Here at Warner’s, we do know where to start and that’s why we are here to help.

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What can I do if I am worried about gas prices?

1st Oct, 2021 | Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing

Worried about gas prices? We are here for you!

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Customer Journey

1st Sep, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, En Suite, Quality, Wet Rooms

Having a new bathroom can seem like a complex and confusing process but our customer journey makes it simple and much less daunting!

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Visiting The Showroom

1st Jul, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, En Suite, Interior Design, Plumbing, Quality, Wet Rooms

If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that most things can be done online now. From remote working with Zoom calls to grocery deliveries, there are far fewer reasons to venture past our own front door these days.

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Wet Rooms

1st Jun, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Disability, Mobility, Space Saving, Wet Rooms

Wet rooms, once the reserve of disability-friendly accommodation, are rising in popularity because of their versatility and adaptability, as well as the touch of luxury they add to homes.

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Unvented Cylinders

1st May, 2021 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating, Plumbing, Space Saving

Unvented cylinders ensure ample amounts of stored hot water is available on demand and are a great option if you want to improve the performance of your bath or shower

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Supply & Install

1st Apr, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

So you’ve decided you want to upgrade or completely renovate your bathroom. What next?

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Quality Products

1st Mar, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Quality, Wet Rooms

Anyone can claim to be the best. But what really separates the best companies from more mediocre and poor competitors? The materials they use.

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Boiler Servicing

1st Feb, 2021 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Plumbing

Boiler servicing is something a lot of home-owners put off until something goes wrong. After all, servicing is, of course, another home expense. But it could save you money, too

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Adding Value

1st Jan, 2021 | Bathroom Design, Bathrooms, Cloakroom, En Suite, Interior Design, Wet Rooms

Did you know that one of the best ways to add value to your home is by focusing on your bathroom?

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Nobody wants a cold shower in February!

3rd Feb, 2019 | Boiler, Gas Safety, Heating

If you’ve been considering a new boiler installation, don’t wait until your boiler breaks down. Do your research NOW so that you can buy your new boiler with confidence. Make your purchase knowing you’ve chosen the right boiler and the right installers.

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