Warner’s Bathoom Services

We use our bathroom daily yet we often overlook its importance within our homes.

A luxurious and refreshing wet room or bathroom is now part of modern life.  Whether your lifestyle requires a shower, to immerse yourself in an opulent bath or both, your bathroom or wet room can be effortlessly transformed into a contemporary sanctuary by Warner’s Innovations design and installation team.

Exclusive suppliers of Novellini, Saneux and Montrose fitted furniture in Newark. We also partner multiple premium brands including of Aqualla, Aqualisa, Bagnodesign, Dansani, Merlyn, Reina, Origins Livings, Adamsez and Bathroom Engineering, Warner’s Innovations can offer bathroom solutions to meet all needs.

Warner’s Innovations are specialist installers of wet rooms in Newark, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire counties, who can provide innovative advice.  All products supplied by us meet or exceed British Standards.

For all enquiries on CAD, estimates and installations please contact us