­­For more than 20 years, Montrose has been creating beautifully designed, hand built bathroom furniture from its UK manufacturing facility. As you would expect of a specialist Bathroom Furniture supplier, they have a dedicated team of employees which have formed a product range that will answer even the most challenging design brief. The range of styles, finishes and design combinations on offer, provide the perfect blend for your lifestyle choice and budget.

Whilst the Bathroom still remains one of the smaller spaces in many of our homes, this doesn’t mean it needs to lack inspiration, we are sure you will find that the new bathroom furniture collection inspires you to make the right choices for your home.

You can be sure that Montrose will exceed your expectation


Montrose furniture gives you more choice than ever before, from the finished colour to the grain of the wood to the type of handle – everything is ultimately your decision.

Stand Alone

Stand alone units are designed to be attached to a rear wall, but are otherwise free standing.

These units are a fantastic way of adding a luxurious touch to your bathroom and maximising storage options.


A beautiful range of fitted units are designed to attach to one another along the rear and adjacent walls, filling the space in between & giving the impression of one large unit.

Fitted furniture is a great way of hiding unsavoury pipework and also reduces spots that dirt and dust can collect.


In Line Modular

In-line modular units are designed to combine and create the impression of a larger modular unit. They are attached to one another and a rear wall, but are free standing of adjacent walls.

Modular interiors are designed with the main intent to maximize the functionality of a room by adding clever ways to store things. These modular storage units will add a statement in any room.


Montrose as seen in our showroom 

We have a range of amazing Montrose displays available to come and see in our bespoke built showroom so you can see how they look in real life – Come and explore the options!