Adding the Wow Factor to your Bathroom

1st Aug, 2021 | Bathrooms

So you’ve decided that your bathroom needs an overhaul and but aren’t sure how to create a dream room that really has the wow factor? A new bathroom or wet room doesn’t have to be about just choosing your bath and basin; there are plenty of simple ways to create a stunning room with plenty of features that will add that touch of luxury to your home.

Feature Tiles: You may want to choose plain tiles for your bathroom to create a sleek finish, but many tile ranges come with the option of coordinating feature tiles which can offer an added dimension to your room. These can be used on a full wall or just a portion, to highlight a certain aspect of your room, like a walk-in shower or a fancy sink.

Alcoves: Built-in alcoves have soared in popularity and present a really sleek alternative to shelving in bathrooms. They can be used for decorative purposes or for a nice place to put your toiletries, and really show off whatever they hold. Even better, these are completely custom, so can be included wherever you like, in whatever dimensions best suit you and your space.

LED lights: Lighting can really make or break any room, but LED lights that highlight certain aspects of your bathroom really add a spectacular feature to draw attention to your new favourite room. For example, they may be included around a cabinet to provide a bit of mood lighting, or on a mirror, to help you see better. No matter what they’re used for, they are sure to add a real wow factor to your new room.

Built-in Bluetooth: Many ranges of mirrors now include built-in Bluetooth, so not only will your new room look great, but you can enjoy some nice music piped into the room whilst relaxing in your new tub.

Raised platforms: There are some products which are so great they just need to be highlighted; for example, a freestanding bath. A great way to highlight this is to elevate it onto a raised platform; this separates it from the rest of the room and makes it into a feature in its own right. You could even combine it with LED lighting to further accentuate it as a feature, making it look really spectacular.

There are so many ways to make certain aspects of your room really stand out and give it the wow factor that you’re looking for. There is no shortage of ways to get creative and really make your room exactly what you’re looking for, leaving nothing standing in the way of you and your dream room.